5 Things Tuesday

Sorry for the delay folks. It’s been a busy morning! But it’s Tuesday and as promised, I will deliver :)

1  FREAK DANCE @ UCB - I went to a screening on an Upright Citizen’s Brigade movie called “Freak Dance” with a friend. It’s one of those movies that you know you’re going to walking into something completely ridiculous. I’m not going to lie - I laughed a lot. Especially at the Barbie doll part and the astronaut dancing. Hilarious.

There were some singing. Lots of dancing. A handful of familiar faces - Amy Poehler.  DTrix. Horatio Sans. Tim Meadows as an Irish Cop. And more.  Thanks for inviting me Beth!


3  KRISTIN WIIG SAID HER GOODBYES - I literally watched this segment over and over again because it made me so sad. Kristin Wiig is one of my favorites! Seven years at SNL - she’s brought us the Lawrence Welk show ridiculousness, one of the two A-Holes, the Target Lady, Gilly, Sexy Shana and that one lady who’s so frickin excited.

Oh man, I just laughed out loud thinking about those sketches.

Anyways - her goodbye dances with everyone was so endearing. You can even see how upset Jason Sudeikis is … so sad! And the final dance with Lorne. Nicely done. Thank you Kristin Wiig for making us laugh all these years!

4  I WAS GIVEN A CAR - Holy crap. Let me just say how awesome God is and how awesome people are. After three months of just walking around and hitching rides to/from places in LA, some amazing people that I know decided to bless me with one of their cars. Literally, we went out to dinner and they handed me the keys. Seriously - I’m still blown away.

Having the ability to drive yourself around in LA is an amazing gift. I’m not going to take that for granted. I’m so excited!  

5  DAWSON’S CREEK IS STREAMING ON NETFLIX - And a cherry on top of everything, how about a little bit of Dawson’s Creek! I’m seriously super excited about watching this show. I only watched the first three seasons when I was in high school and then somehow missed out on what happened once they hit college.  

Even though I know how it all ends, I’m excited to watch seasons 4-6.  Plus, I’ll get to relive the late 90’s early 2000’s. Oh the fashion, the culture.  Everything about it, I love.  Also, I think i’ll forever have a crush on Scott Foley.  This is right before he lands his role on Felicity … apparently there are a lot of pre-stars throughout the show.  It’s like when you’re watching “Freaks and Geeks” and so many random people show up - so great.

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