5 Things Tuesday

Hi friends!  I’m back from Houston and ready to get back to the daily grind of working from home again.  Time to get my game face on … because there is a LOT of stuff to do.  Actually that should be my Point #1 … 

1  TIME TO GET TO WORK - sometimes being in good company really sparks that business/creative/productivity side of me that wants to get stuff done.  I have to work for my part-time job, follow up on all those full time positions I applied to, tweak some stuff for my online stores, hammer down some freelance rates (need a project manager for your small business?), prepare for a few family photo shoots, finalize and finish those magnets I started … yeah.  It’s busy but I like it :)

2  PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT - speaking of photography, I just bought brand new equipment and DUDE I SCORED THE MOTHER LOAD.  It is awesome.  Canon EOS 40D, multiple lenses and filters, a Waacom tablet, two camera bags … I still can’t wrap my brain around the new equipment.  It is unreal to me.  I feel legit. 

I’m a serious photographer now.  Watch out!  Who needs a wedding shot?  Or a family session?  New headshots?  Or new fashion pieces that need to be modeled?  Let’s have some fun!  

3  DUTCH BLITZ IS THE BEST - while in Houston my friends and I went to the Lakehouse where we didn’t have Wifi or TV … goodness, what’s a techno-savvy girl supposed to do?  Being unplugged can be refreshing (and equally hard) but I am super happy that I found my Dutch Blitz deck in my backpack.  Needless to say we spent many hours playing this card game.  

I’m going to become like my Winter Garden friends who carry the deck in their purse at all times.  I think that’s a good thing right :)

4  A GREAT LIFE LESSON ABOUT OWL CITY & PUPPY CHOW - I really like this post by my good friend Lee Ann.  I’ve mentioned her rad music mixes before, but she is also a talented designer and writer.  Also she has a great fashion sense (she always looks super cute!).  

5  I WANT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE - I think the holiday spirit is hitting me!  This movie looks super cute & it’s going to be in the same format as that Valentine’s movie (but some of them are playing different characters).  I think it’s interesting.  But there’s a lot of favs in there … 

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