5 Things Tuesday

1  I THOUGHT ABOUT GETTING A TWITTER - I’ve always been against the grain about a lot of things.  I never wanted to do what everyone was doing … and in a way, I thought Twitter was stupid.  But I sometimes feel like I’m missing out on little announcements from people/companies/organizations.  

So I’ve thought about getting a Twitter.  But I haven’t yet because “joannegarcia” was already suspended and “youcancallmejo” was already taken.  WTH.  I’m already like super late to the party … now you’re telling me i can’t go as me?  Bah!

I’ll just stick with signage.  Is that cool?  

2  MSNBC’S TEEN MANIA STORY - Oh boy.  So apparently MSNBC aired a special called “Mind over Mania” about how the ministry I attended for a few years is a cult.  Um, let’s just say their journalism is totally off-base.  They basically edited it to look like it was ESOAL year-round and took the experiences of five bitter intern alumni and didn’t even try to get a positive review from the thousands of people who have benefited from Teen Mania.  

It’s been all over Facebook lately - people who are enraged of the skewed journalism, heartbroken from the family attack, and those of which who left encouraging comments to our leaders.   

I know that TM has their faults, but they’ve always been open to feedback and try to change things for the better.  I know I’m a better person because of my years there.  and I’ve met the VERY BEST PEOPLE because of that place.  And I went to ORU because of Teen Mania.  Which eventually led me to one of my dream jobs at RELEVANT. Yeah.  wouldn’t trade it for anything.  

Although I probably would’ve snagged a husband somewhere in there (and by somewhere I mean, any of those 3 places).  Anyways - they issued a letter of response and my testimony that I wrote two years ago showed up on the email.  Crazy huh?

3  WEST SIDE STORY IS SHOWING AT FATHOM EVENTS.  And I want to go to there.If the season of Glee hasn’t gotten you all hyped up for West Side Story yet, well flashback on some old Gap commercials or something because it’s the classic’s 50th anniversary.

Dude seriously, I started watching it the other day and got super excited.  It makes me laugh a lot.  I mean, seriously.  They’re jazz dancing street thugs.  So awesome.

4  KIDS AND THEIR HALLOWEEN CANDY - If you haven’t seen this yet then you must be living under a rock or something.  Just kidding.  13 million hits in 4 days.  All because of ridiculously cute kids.

Favorite lines:  “DAD YOURE UGLY!“  and “2 + 2 = 5!”

5  JESUS CULTURE RELEASES THE LIVE AWAKENING ALBUM - This last summer I attended an event called The Awakening Conference in Chicago.  It was amazing!  Live worship sets from both Jesus Culture and Hillsong United.  

Well it was announced that a live recording will release on November 29th.  I will most definitely be buying that sucker.  And no lie, I might play it on repeat a whole lot.  

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