5 Things Tuesday

Hello friends. Sorry that I completely slacked on my Monday Music Share yesterday. I just kind of dropped the ball on that. My bad.

Anyways - I’m going to try to at least get my 5TT post up. Hmmmm. What has been going on in my life? Brainstorm a bit, Jo. Ok here goes:

1  MORE WORK YO - This past week or so I’ve gotten a handful of unexpected calls and referrals. It’s so crazy but I’m so grateful. All that hard work is starting to pay off. Hustling and networking and getting my crap together. 

New Wittlebee project. A model test shoot at Abbot Kinney. Realty shots. And corporate head shots. I’m mostly excited about the model test shoot. It’ll be a learning curve (just like everything else has been) but I’m ready to give it a go!

2  LINE DANCING ON FRIDAY - Another thing I’m really excited about it going line dancing with some of the people in my community group. Having lived in Texas/Oklahoma for a total of 9 years, I love me anything country. And I’m ready to line dance! Yeah!

Ima have to start practicing. Nome sane?

3  I’VE GOTTA START PLANNING FOR HALLOWEEN - Honestly, I haven’t gone to a Halloween party ever. In the last decade we’ve always had The Honor Academy’s Homecoming that weekend, so I always happened to just been with my TX friends then instead of any Armor costume parties. 

But this year, we’re having our own little West LA costume party but I have no idea what to dress up as (suggestions welcome). But there are definitely plans for some eyeball cake pops. Ew that sounds so gross.

(photo below of some Armor/Imago friends - this picture STILL cracks me up after all these years)

4  PITCH PERFECT IS AWESOME - I watched Pitch Perfect this last weekend and it was HIGH-larious!  I recommend it to all. Although, there is singing all over it so if that’s not your thing then don’t watch it. But I laughed a lot. And it was great acapella. 

Oh man. Who knew that the girl from Twilight could sing like that?  Seriously.  Check it.

5  COLOR RUN IS IN A COUPLE WEEKS - And I’m sort of ready. Not really. I keep on having these spurts of like “Yes! I can run forever!” and some days like today … not so much. But it’s only a 5K. Should be able to crush it, right? 

Hope my cousin is still doing it. It’d suck to go all the way to San Diego to run by myself. But heck, color paint powder! It’ll be fun regardless!

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