5 Things Tuesday

Hello friends. And happy Tuesday. It’s a quiet night here at Tres Dudes (that’s what we call our apartment - because our names are Jo, Chris, and Andi). 

I just had dinner with a friend and I wanted to make sure to get my 5TT out before I put in a couple more hours of work before bed. Because, you know, that’s how I roll. Always workin’ hard. Hardly workin’. One of the two.

Anyways - here are 5 things going on with me.

1  BIRTHDAYS, BOWLING, AND HOUSEWARMING PARTIES - This past weekend was great for my social calendar slash quality time quota. Between indiv’s with certain ladies, birthday bowling bashes, and Labor Day housewarming parties I definitely had my fill of people. I bowled a 124 (which is outta control) and played a round of speed bowling (which Mike Hahn is amazing at and Allegra got her new nickname - “Sniper”). Poolside conversations and little pizzas were made the next day with friends. Good times.

I absolutely love the people in my life and I’m so blessed by all of them.

2  PARKS & REC SEASON 4 ON NETFLIX - My friend posted something about the new season of Parks & Rec being up on Netflix and I am currently devouring it. I think the scope of how we watch TV shows has changed over the past couple years because of online streaming. Like we consume entire shows over the course of weeks because we can. So when the show premiered last fall, and I had to wait each week for 20 minutes … that was so hard for me. So I decided to wait it out and now it’s finally paying off. I’m just flying through it. And lemme just say, it’s quite hilarious.

3  IT’S SEPTEMBER YO - Birthday month is officially over and “cooler” weather has hit Southern California. Granted, it’s not sweater weather quite yet, but I can wear jeans again! 

And September also means shows are coming back! Bones, Gossip Girl, Glee, New Girl, MTV’s The Challenge, Saturday Night Live, How I Met Your Mother … yes please!

4  NEEDED A MAKE FIX - This past week I’ve felt I needed to make something with my hands. Whether that was making magnets, crocheting a scarf, sewing a set of bows, or baking some cookies - I needed to make something.

But every time I wanted to craft, it wasn’t happening. But then a friend posted on our small group’s Facebook page that she needed cookies for a bake sale. So I signed up to bake some for them and felt about 100x better after making cookies. There’s just something in my wiring that happens when I just create. And I like that a lot. I have to remember to give myself time to do that every now and then.

Creative sesh coming in the near future.

5  MY LITTLE ADRENALINE JUNKIE SISTER - My sister (21) and my aunt (who just turned 50) went skydiving yesterday. Say what?! Yeah. I’ve always known my little sis’ as the adrenaline junkie, but didn’t expect my super conservative aunt to jump out of a plane. Crazy. I’m glad I wasn’t there because I would stress out the whole time. But still - skydiving!

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