I’ve been trying to write something insightful all day to mark the beginning of a new year. Something to evoke the hope of a brim future that 2014 may hold.

Instead, I’m drawing a blank.

An all-day, excessive blank. 

Today was my first day “back at work” and I didn’t really do much. Well I did try out a new CoWorking Space and I did have lunch with a friend. So that’s good. But an actual productive work day? Not so much.

And this has been my year so far. Granted, we’re only one week in so far. I have a ton of goals and vision for this new year. Habits I want to throw out and new ones I want to take its place. 

But really, I just keep thinking that 2014 is going to be different than the rest. Just new.

Not blank. But new with a ton of potential. 

I hope that makes sense. 

It probably doesn’t. Oh well.

Cheers to new beginnings!

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