Isaac Hunter

I’ve been having a hard time processing the sudden death of my former pastor, Isaac Hunter. 

There’s so much to think about. The good, the bad. The struggle, the fall from grace. And somehow it all just boils back to however you look at it, God still used him for good in so many lives. 

There is still God’s grace.

Both Cameron and Tim posted some thought-provoking words, better than I ever could say. But Timmy really got Isaac’s words perfect in this graphic. This was his closing prayer in pretty much every sermon.

*  *  *

From Tim:

Whatever anger or compassion you may feel at the passing of our former pastor, Isaac Hunter, the fact remains that God used him to minister to me in a place where I’m not sure another would have been effective. I never thought the story would end this way, but thank you, Isaac, for being faithful when you were. My life will never be the same.

I took some time this morning to journal, pray and process and created this desktop wallpaper for myself. Its nothing special artistically, just a visual reminder to the significance of these words that he always prayed before teaching. May we pray them and mean them.

From Cameron:

It’s taken me 8 hours to write this. Earlier today, I learned my friend Isaac Hunter took his life. Isaac was my pastor for several years. He was an amazing teacher. He went with me on an 8-day trip to the Holy Land last October. He was the son of Dr. Joel Hunter, who many people know as President Obama’s pastor. He was 36.

Around this time last year, Isaac resigned his position at our church amid some very public scandals. He had a wife of 13 years and 3 young kids, and the time since then has been incredibly difficult for our church. His family lives around the corner from me, and I see them often.

Isaac loved Jesus and was a talented and dedicated pastor for more than a decade. But he had some significant struggles. The unfathomable news today is devastating for many. Please pray for his family. Please pray for our church. Pray for his kids. 

Please pray that somehow, some way, someday, good will ultimately come of this. That this tragic story can be used to reach and rescue others who are silently battling the same demons Isaac did.

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