MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Leona Naess - Leave Your Boyfriends Behind

Today’s MMS is brought to you by the algorithmic stylings of one of my Pandora mixes and the sweet memory of my dear friend Theresa - better known as “Killer T” or simply “T.”

Actually when I heard this song on my mix I thought I was listening to Zooey, because her voice sounded so familiar. But alas! It was not. Instead it’s this British chick, Leona Naess. You know how I feel about the UK. Can’t go wrong there.

The T part was moreso because in the video they ride bikes at night throughout the town. It has this nostalgic Orlando charm to it. Everyone rides bikes in Orlando. But it reminded me of T in particular because the idea of a girl riding their bike at night made me think of her when she was drunk riding with a bottle of wine, fell off her bike, and then scraped her elbow.

PSA lesson of the day: drunk riding is marginally as bad as drunk driving. Don’t do it.

Ok y’all.  Boarding my plane to Tulsa soon.  Catch you laterz!

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