So I’m picking one out of the archives. I actually took a snapshot of this photo a couple years back and saved it. But I had to dig to find it for a couple friends.

You see, the three guys featured above are Jeremy Tucker Smith, Josh Segoviano, and Danny Miller. I’ve known them for over a decade - having actually taken this picture from our undergrad year at The Honor Academy where we met. We were at a Texas football game and these three boys were running around saying “All together we equal zero!”

They’re great.

Anyways. Years fly by. After 8 years, I become good friends with Danny and his wife again. And then hear stories of how these guys are still close. Groomsmen for each others weddings and such. They’re great friends. Closer than brothers.

This past Christmas day, Josh Segu lost his battle from cancer. After fighting it for so long, he and his wife decided to let it run its course. And instead of being sad, we’re rejoicing in the life he lived. A full life.

So that’s why I pulled out this photo. Because it captures these three guys the way I remember them. Fun. Running around being silly. And always together.

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