I first heard of Jonas Paul Eye wear because of Pinterest. An adorable portrait of a little blonde girl wearing stylish spectacles really grabbed my attention. So I clicked through and checked out the site.

It’s stylish, functional eye wear for children.  What a great concept!  As someone who has been wearing glasses since I was in elementary school, I really appreciate this company’s story.

It’s named after baby Jonas Paul Harrison, a little bundle of joy who has been leading a life with limited eyesight. His parents have been working hard to find ways to give him the more in life considering his circumstances, but are also challenged by the pure happiness that he beams in his daily life.  And so came Jonas Paul Eye Wear.

Love their style. Love their photos. Love their story.

If I had children, I’d buy their specs.

5 Things Tuesday

Hello friends. How goes it?

I’m currently sitting in Cafe Tres Dudes (which just means I’m in my living room with a cup of coffee and Pandora running on the BluRay). It’s a great cafe … many of friends have stopped by here to study or have a creative sesh.

Anyways, here’s what’s going on with me:

PROP SHOPPING - Since I have a wedding this weekend I thought I’d update the prop bin. So the last couple days I’ve been out and about shopping for random photo booth props.

In my head, I know what I’m looking for but the likelihood of me finding those things are very low. And part of me just wants make arts & crafts all day for booth backgrounds and fun props … but I don’t think I have the creative juices to really do that.

Anyways, good intentions here. Hopefully by the next photo booth I’ll have this thing down with more props, a TV display, and a printer. That’s the dream! 

TEST SHOOTS GALORE - About a month ago I joined this thing called Model Mayhem and have been meeting local models and industry people. It’s just been really helpful because they’ve been willing to work with my creative team on random shoots. 

Being a commercial/lifestyle photographer is so different from being a wedding photographer - there’s this element of art direction and project management. I’m there meeting with people, creating mood boards, scheduling time for us to shoot, bringing the team together, directing everyone involved. I really enjoy it but it’s a lot of work. I’m just hoping it’ll all be worth it soon!

Model: Caity Torres
MUA: Precious Dass
Stylist: Mary Carr

UPDATING THE PORT - Every professional photographer that I’ve talked to has said that we need to keep doing test shoots, keep at it, take your camera everywhere and shoot. This is so you can hone your craft and be better at what you do.

The goal is so that I can create a legit book and promo pieces to send to Ad Agencies, Art Directors, and Photography Reps. And somehow I have to whittle it down to 20 images. I have no clue how I’m going to do it but it’ll happen soon enough.

FINAL 8 EPISODES OF BREAKING BAD IS FINALLY ON NETFLIX - So all things come to an end! What I initially thought was Netflix taking  Breaking Bad down (sorry for the confusion, Andi) is actually the addition of the final 8 episodes of the series to direct streaming.

So yeah. WATCH IT. If you haven’t yet, you should watch it.

Because yeah.

NEW GLASSES - After making payments on these glasses for the longest time, I finally got to take them home yesterday! Brand new Rayban spectacles.

They’re pretty hot. But they’re also really expensive. I know I should have gotten Warby Parkers but oh well. Maybe next time.

5 Things Tuesday

Hello everyone. Happy Tuesday.

I feel like I just wrote a 5TT post … anyways, this is what’s going on with me:

1  INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY - So I work from home, which sometimes is awesome (like making your schedule and being your own boss) and sometimes is horrible (like getting caught up in a TV show or napping when I shouldn’t). It can be hard to stay focused and motivated when you work alone.  In most cases, I’d probably just go to a coffee shop to work, right?

Here’s the thing, in LA coffee shops are usually super crowded and there’s never enough outlets. And then there’s that whole other element of parking and in a way I’m not really productive. So I usually just forgo the coffee shop work atmosphere as a whole. 

Well, a Florida friend of mine mentioned COFFITIVITY - an app that sounds like a coffee shop. How great is that?! You have no idea how much background noise helps. A LOT.

A friend of mine came over yesterday and we drank coffee, listened to soft music, and worked for a few hours while Coffivity did its thing. It was great. So yeah. You should try it out.

BONUS: another good option to use is - audio of movies and TV shows!

THIS MARKETING CAMPAIGN FOR PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - While everyone else out there watching PLL tonight, I’m avoiding Twitter in the meantime. No spoilers!

But this marketing campaign, I just can’t get over it. They’re pretty on top of it. First they called Spencer out for her Jesse Spano ways and now this.

I just can’t get over Aria’s face! Seriously, the sheer fact that Lucy Hale signed off on this is amazing. But this week it’s happening. #AriaFindsOut

3   EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF BBQ SAUCE - You guys, I just want you to know that I have a crap ton of BBQ sauce leftover from a dinner that my community group served on Saturday. 

I’m pretty sure we’ll return the six bottles back to Costco, but in case we don’t, I’ll need all your best BBQ based recipes! 

So far I have BBQ burgers and BBQ chicken sandwiches. And maybe sauce for chicken fingers.

IT’S THE START OF A NEW ERA FOLKS - I’m excited! Two of my favorite guys hosting the best of late night shows. Get it.

SOMETIMES I WISH I KNEW HOW TO KNIT - Just so I can make cool things like Wool and the Gang.

Not only do they have totally rad stuff, but their commercial photography is amazing. I want to do work like that. You know, just in case you know of anyone who needs photography like that. Or wants to give me an awesome beanie :)

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