5 Things Tuesday

1  CALENDAR SWAP - I can’t believe we’re only like 5 weeks away from 2013. Where does the time go?! I still haven’t really even tackled everything on my New Years Resolution list. I better hustle!

Anyways, it’s almost the new year which also means it’s almost time for a new calendar. Thanks to the lovely ladies at Design Crush+ Greedy Girl, I’ll be participating in the annual blogger-wide calendar swap. Last year I lucked out with a beautiful floral one from Rifle Paper Co. I’m pretty sure this year will be just as awesome.

2  COMMITMENT RUN - Speaking of the new years and hot off my 5K last week, I already signed up for a new run in Seattle. It’s the Commitment Run 5K that a bunch of cities are doing all together on the same day. And even though my family does Gyoza Day all day, my aunt and I decided to do the run in the morning before making Chinese Pot Stickers all day long.  It’ll be a great reward for the run and a great start to the new year.  

3  TULSA - Enough talk about the new year. Let’s talk about the NOW. I’m in TULSA YO! I’m actually very excited to be here - it feels very much like home. From the southern accents to seeing QuickTrips everywhere (GAS IS $2.98 HERE - WHAT?!?!) to the beautiful autumn leaves all over the place. I seriously do love me some Oklahoma. And I definitely got me a new OU sweatshirt. It’s just right.

Not only that, but I’ll be able to spend some amazing quality time with amazing people. I’m really excited! Old college buddies, old coworkers, my random Florida friends that happened to move to Tulsa … what a blessing it is to reconnect with people. Even better - we’ll do it over great food! I’m really excited about the food.

4  THE MARATHON OF PORTRAITS - A few days ago, I kicked off my marathon of portraits. Everything from actor headshots to family portraits to kids portraits to engagement shots to blogger profile shots … there’s so many shoots lined up! 

Conveniently I can do this job anywhere, so spending Thanksgiving in OK and lining up gigs is just double awesome. Just a lot of editing to do. A lot.

5  DAD IN THE HOSPITAL - Lastly, my dad sort of had a heart attack on Thursday morning and has been in the hospital ever since. And on Monday he had heart surgery. I’m pretty sure it was a double bypass heart surgery and now he’s in recovery. It’s hard to be away when he’s going through all this, but I know he’s being taken care of. And hopefully after this marathon of portraits I’ll be able to go home and see him.

Dude. I just realized that I don’t have a lot of pics of me and my dad. This is a throwback to 2000. I look so young! My dad’s pose is so classy. I mean awkward. Yes.

MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Leona Naess - Leave Your Boyfriends Behind

Today’s MMS is brought to you by the algorithmic stylings of one of my Pandora mixes and the sweet memory of my dear friend Theresa - better known as “Killer T” or simply “T.”

Actually when I heard this song on my mix I thought I was listening to Zooey, because her voice sounded so familiar. But alas! It was not. Instead it’s this British chick, Leona Naess. You know how I feel about the UK. Can’t go wrong there.

The T part was moreso because in the video they ride bikes at night throughout the town. It has this nostalgic Orlando charm to it. Everyone rides bikes in Orlando. But it reminded me of T in particular because the idea of a girl riding their bike at night made me think of her when she was drunk riding with a bottle of wine, fell off her bike, and then scraped her elbow.

PSA lesson of the day: drunk riding is marginally as bad as drunk driving. Don’t do it.

Ok y’all.  Boarding my plane to Tulsa soon.  Catch you laterz!

5 Things Tuesday - A Wednesday Edition

Hey y’all. I know … today is Wednesday. 

Just a small detail. Delivering the 5 Things Tuesday in the middle of Wednesday afternoon. What can I say? Sometimes you just slack off and you can’t really beat yourself over it.

That is until you receive a Tweet the next day or something. Apparently people read this thing despite the lack of comments. It’s all good though. Here’s my day-late 5TT!

1  NIGHT OWL WAYS - I’ve learned to accept my night owl ways, but it’s hard trying to find the balance in between it all.  Because I do sunrise shoots and early morning networking meetings, but it’s dreadful to peel myself out of bed for that when I most likely stayed up really late the night before.

I can’t help it though. I’m pretty useless throughout the day - granted I do things like visit people and watch TV and nap (like I did yesterday).  But I can’t work until night. My brain doesn’t switch on until sometime past 8 PM.  

Sigh. What can I do about that?  I’m trying to regulate my time management and such.  Still testing things out. I’ll keep you posted.

2  007 MOVIES + JESSIE SPANO + KATE BECKINSALE - This past weekend I had the opportunity to watch the new Bond movie with a bunch of my friends. That alone is great, just because I love their company but it gets better when one of them even dressed up for the occasion.  

Say what you will about the movie (some liked it, some not so much) - I thoroughly enjoyed watching how handsome Daniel Craig was as Bond. Hmmmmmmyes.

In other random news, both Elizabeth Berkley (from Saved by the Bell) and Kate Beckinsale were in the same movie theater. They didn’t come together (they’re not like best friends or anything) but they were both there. I’m still not used to the fact that celebrities live here and that I may see them from time to time. 

3  BEN CORNS IN CROSSROAD - Being in LA you get to meet a lot of aspiring actors. That just comes with the territory. But I live in West LA where we don’t have a lot of industry people - so technically Ben is the only one in our groups (all 3 West LA groups) who is a working actor. So last night we went to the premiere of his new movie. It’s a small Christian movie but still. He got to punch a guy in the face! And he wears a suit!  

So a bunch of us dressed up and went to town. Watched the movie. Then hit up Happy Hour in Beverly Hills. Dude - $4 burgers and sweet potato fries!  UM, YES. 

Best people ever. Such a great night.

4  COFFEE & PEACEMAKING - In church, we’ve been slowly going through the Beattitudes and Sunday’s sermon was all about how blessed the peace makers are. Which is so timely for a coffee date I had with a friend. 

For the past 3 months we’ve been at odds and his wife was tired of being our mediator. And after trying a Tuesday dinner last week that did NOT go well, we met for coffee to clear the air and reconcile our differences. Or just plainly agree to disagree. But to love instead.

Oh goodness. It was a hard meeting, but really needed. So yes - peace making is hard at times but it really is a blessing.

5  I NEED SOME GOOD BOOK RECOMMENDS - I just finished Sharpen Your Heels, a biz book for women. It wasn’t my favorite but it was still a good read. But now I need a new book to read. 

Or maybe like 3 books. I need to stretch my brain a little. If you have any ideas on awesome reads, let me know! I think I may check out the nearby library. That sounds like a good idea … but I miss the way it was in Orlando when they would mail the books to you. Man, were we spoiled.

MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Kate Nash Live Session Part 1

It’s so weird that I haven’t had Kate Nash as a MMS yet because she’s one of my favorite British singers. You know, throw her in with all the others - Adele, Dog is Dead, Mumford, Ellie Goulding, One Direction. 

Ha. Yeah. One Direction too. 

Anyways. Yeah. Kate Nash. Been a fan since I saw her vid on R.TV pretty much five years ago. And here she is a couple albums later. I’m anticipating when the newest one will drop. Hopefully soon!

Ok - back to work. Laterz.

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