5 Things Tuesday

1  AWKWARD. RETURNS - So I’m really excited about watching the season premiere of MTV’s awkward. That show is hilarious! I’m all Team Jake and all, but the last few episodes made me really sort of like Matty.  

Anyways. It premieres on Thursday. Check, check it. 

2  MOONRISE KINGDOM - This weekend I watched the new Wes Anderson film “Moonrise Kingdom.” I really loved the way the film was shot. Like the way the camera panned across and transitioned through scenes. Also loved their candid dance scene, the 60’s fashion, and the performances of the actors. Edward Norton was great.  Absolutely loved it.  

I’m not too familiar with Wes Anderson films, but I think I may go through a refresher. Work my way backwards, starting with “Fantastic Mr. Fox.”   

3  PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - I needed to break the monotony of tear-jerking “Dawson’s Creek” with a little bit of modern day teen mystery. So I started “Pretty Little Liars.”  Maybe I should jump on the young adult book series bandwagon. Everyone is looking there for films/TV (Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, Gossip Girl, etc). If only I became an author like I wanted to. When I was a kid, I loved books so much that’s what I wanted to be. I was such a nerd.

That’s besides the point. Also - small note: that Wren guy is pretty hot. It might be because he’s British and wear Jack Purcells. Hahaha - what can I say :)

4  FUN. FAIL - I’ve been meaning to buy concert tickets to fun. but I kept putting it off. Now all three LA shows are sold out. I’m kind of sad because I really wanted to see them live again. And it would’ve been a smashing way to ring in my birthday. But my procrastination got the best of me.

There is a show in Portland that I’m thinking about going to. Maybe making it a week vacation and just chill in a new city. But it’s like back-to-back to a concert I’m going to in Monterrey, CA. Which I’m really excited to see Mumford with a bunch of my friends. But planning a trip to Oregon right next to a five hour road trip is kind of a tight squeeze. What to do, what to do …

5  PLAYING CATCHUP - It’s almost the end of June and I’m still playing catchup with life. I don’t know why this month was so busy, but it has. I had all these plans to get ahead on everything but that totally didn’t happen. And I think my body wore out. I think I’m in serious need of Jo Time.  

I remember when I used to work at RELEVANT and sometime we’d go through seasons where I just couldn’t get ahead of all my tasks. And all I did was maintain. Like that’s how I’d describe the last couple months there. Just maintaining what I could with everything that was going on and expected of me.  

Well, that’s how I feel now. Like I can’t get ahead, but I’m maintaining. Still trying to figure out how to get this massive task list in my head out and get things done. It’ll happen! Maybe after a trip to B&N and an hour of magazine flipping. That always seems to help.

MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Matt and Kim - LET’S GO - Official First Listen

Sorry about the delay folks.  Again.  I’ve been sleeping all day because I’m feeling under the weather.  And totally forgot to queue something up for today.  My bad.   

Anyways, here’s “Let’s Go” from Brooklyn Indie Rockers Matt and Kim.  You may know them from their single “Daylight” (one of my favs).  But yeah.  A low budget music video showcasing sweet basketball moves right at the end of the NBA championship.  Not bad. 


5 Things Tuesday

Sorry about the delay folks. I’m all sorts of behind on everything lately … I’ve really got to get my act together! Currently downing some coffee right now so I can plough through my growing pile of work (and side projects) - to hopefully get done with most of it in time for the GAME TONIGHT. Who’s with me?? THUNDER UP BABY!

Anyways, 5 things. Here goes it:

1  MY WEEK HAS BEEN FULL OF AMAZING PEOPLE AND EVENTS - Which has been completely awesome, but also completely tiring. I just dropped my sister at the airport yesterday after spending two weeks with her (1 week in Seattle for graduation, 1 week here sight seeing). But after I dropped her off, I crashed for like an entire day. Straight up sleep and do nothing. And that felt amazing.

Anyways. Just this last week has been busy with my sister and sightseeing and small group and Ryan & Luci in town. Not to mention Six Flags. Just so much going on. Great times … just thankful for rest now :)

2  OH YEAH, RYAN & LUCI MOVED TO LA - Crazy right? Just a few weeks ago I was going to the Indie Music Awards with Luci, and now they live here. And the two girls should be following soon. I cannot wait to see them! I haven’t seen Cali or Alexi in three years. So crazy.

3  NINE HOURS @ SIX FLAGS AND WE STILL DIDN’T GET ALL THE BIG RIDES IN - Seriously, how do you stay at a theme park for nine hours and not get to ride all the big rides?! In that time we managed to do one “moderate” ride, and then I was like “OK - let’s hit up all the big ones now. I’m ready.”

And it was AWESOME. All those loopty-loops and backwards and craziness. Hellz yeah.

The only one that sucked was that Green Lantern one. Not only did it just stunk, my sister lost her iPhone on the ride. And it shattered into a million pieces. Bah. Stupid.

4  I HAVE THE BEST SMALL GROUP EVER - A close second to my Summit Small Group (you know who you are). But seriously, Instagram Scavenger Hunt and crazy ukulele sessions? Wearing gold vespa helmets while dancing? Learning how to Dougie?? So funny. And well, add in some worship, prayer email chains, and great discussions. I like it.  

I’m really thankful for you guys.  

5  IT’S ALMOST OFFICIALLY SUMMERTIME - And I’m pretty sure I’m going to christen that with a viewing of “Hot Rod” and “I Love You Man.” I wish I could have a rad pool party like old times … but yes, to all those things that involve summer:  

lemonade, BBQ’s, summer blockbuster hits (and midnight showings!), s’mores, road trips (to see Mumford!), concerts, more trips to the beach hopefully, book reading

Am I missing anything from my list? Yeah. All those things please. That would be awesome.

MONDAY MUSIC SHARE - MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Dog is Dead’s newly repackaged single “Glockenspiel Song”

This is one of my favorite songs.  It actually came out last summer and was featured on the series 5 finale of Skins (UK).  I think I actually like the original version better, but this is nice.  Rerelease in time for summer …

Anyways.  The bridge chants a little something like this:

We are a mess.  We are failures.  And we love it.

It may seem a little negative, but I think in the scope of the show it fit well with the theme.  And that’s probably why I really like the song.  And plus it’s very catchy.

I really need to re-watch that generation.  It’s going to happen.  Ok bye.

5 Things Tuesday

I’m so sorry about my delayed 5TT post.  My bad.  It’s been a busy, busy week!  

And I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things, all the while entertain my sister who’s here from out of town.  Work, rest, tour LA.  Somewhere in there I’ll take a nap.  Anyways, here’s five things going on with me:

1  SEATTLE IS RAINY - I should know better, but I think I forgot when I packed for Seattle last week.  Apparently it’s still rainy through June.  It wasn’t just rainy though on graduation day, it was like torrential downpour.  So weird.  I don’t know where that came from.  I’m sad we didn’t get to do senior photos like we had planned, but I guess we’ll make that up here while my sister is in town.

But regardless, happy graduation little sister! 

2  COFFEE WITH BOBBY - Thanks to Twitter, I was able to reconnect with my Campus Life Leader from back when I was in high school.  Bobby is one of the first of many great mentors in my life.  And I’m part of his original core group of kids when he first started in the Tacoma area 15 years ago.

It was good to catch up and talk about life.  It wasn’t until we started talking about his kids that I realized how old we are.  So weird.  But I’m so glad to have coffee conversations with him!

3  OKC VS MIAMI - Excited about game time!  GO THUNDER!

4 I’M GOING TO THIS ON THURSDAY - And I’m excited to see/meet some of my favorite bloggers there.  And I’m excited about eating ice cream too.

5  I NEEDZ TO WORK - I have this problem.  Where I try to do everything on my to-do list and still manage to travel, see friends and family, go to weddings, take on side projects, take care of my Etsy shop, and watch basketball games. 

My work keeps piling up. I kind of miss having the dedicated time for a 9-5.  Just so that it’s time to get stuff done.  I’ll get to it eventually.  Because I need to.  But hey I like working from home too.  It’s been nice.  

Anyways.  I needz to work.  I wish I was this organized.  

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