5 Things Tuesday

It’s 2:14 AM but it still feels like a Tuesday to me, so we’ll just go with it.

I’ve been kind of running on fumes here, literally working nonstop for the past few days (which is awesome!), but it’s tiring. When you’re an entrepreneur, sometimes it never stops (just a side note for those who were wondering).

Anyways. 5 Things.

GRADUATED TO THE BIG LEAGUES - Well, not really. When I started doing commercial photography my first client was a kids clothing company. They then referred me to RAGGED Magazine (clothing geared toward 20-somethings). And well, my friend Quenna contacted me about working with her company. So yesterday was my first time working with a fancy design label.

Going from onesies to funky dresses to now coutour items … it’s a new experience! Hopefully they like my work. I’m hoping it’ll lead to more opportunities.

MY FRIENDS ARE GOING TO BE FAMOUS - So if any of you Ryan & Luci (and their two adorable daughters), you may have heard that they landed a Disney World commercial.

Yeah. A DISNEY WORLD COMMERCIAL. They were flown out last week to shoot in Orlando, FL. Those lucky Lampes.

Here are my thoughts:

  • What an incredible blessing!
  • They are the most beautiful and deserving family for such a treat.
  • I’m so happy they all are going to be featured in it.
  • Dude. A nationwide commercial. That’s frickin bank. Right?
  • I wish I could have gone to Orlando … I’m really craving some Pom Pom’s.
  • Please remember me when you guys are famous one day!

    SPEAKING OF DISNEY, MY PASS IS GOING TO EXPIRE SOON - And I’m unsure if I’m going to renew it or not. A year ago a bunch of my friends and I got passes altogether so it was easy to plan days to go. But if no one else has passes it won’t be very fun.

    But I honestly really like having the pass. It’s just very convenient when people come to visit and that’s where they want to go. Plus, I still haven’t seen or experienced everything about it yet.  I just did the Cars ride a week ago. And there’s still so much more to explore!

    I think I want to keep it. Yeah, I probably will. 

    THANKSGIVING MARKS THE END OF PUMPKIN SEASON (IN MY BOOKS- So I need to make some pumpkin pie tartlettes and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies before it ends!

    Black Friday will mark the day that I can switch to Christmas themed things … like pizzelles! And movies like “Elf” and “Love Actually” (Katie, we’re going to watch it!).

    I think I’m most excited about decorating. (Almost) time to get festive up in Tres Dudes!

    TODAY IS MY PARENT’S SILVER ANNIVERSARY - 25 years ago they got married. And I was there as their flower girl. I don’t remember a lot, just that I got to wear a pretty dress and I got a was really excited about throwing flowers at people.

    I watched the video not that long ago, which is kind of surreal because I know I was there but it was crazy to watch. As someone who specialized on photographing weddings, it was strange to see my own parents’ wedding be so small and intimate. Both my Lola (her mom) and my Popo (his mom) were not present. Something about not really approving of the marriage or whatnot. And well, over the years we had a lot of bumps in the road. But they’re still together.

    “Can’t live without her.” I remember him telling me one time when things were really rough. It’s because of love. Not just the love on their faces so evident that you see on the video tape of their wedding day, but that you see them stick through pretty much hell and high water over 25 years. 

    25 years. That’s a long time.

    Mom & Dad,

    I wish I could have been there this weekend to celebrate you two properly. I love you both.

    Cheers to 25 years and to many more!

    *  *  *

    Anyways. Pictures!

    Here I am with a garden on top of my head.

    And here I am with my parents. They’re so young and in love!

    And here I am photobombing my stepdad’s photo with the guys … I guess it was something I was born to do!

    Look at us now!  We didn’t even color coordinate … this just happened.  (side note: getting a family photo of all 6 of us is rare. I’m surprised I even found this photo!)

    L-R: yours truly, JR, dad, mom, little brother, Krissy Li Li

    MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Zion Acoustic Sessions – Relentless – Hillsong UNITED

    You guys. This. I cannot express how much I love this. 

    There’s just something gloriously beautiful about acoustic worship jam sessions. When everything is just stripped down to the bare bones of music, voices, and praise. Oh gosh. I love, love, love it.

    More please!

    Yes to Zion Acoustic Sessions. Thank you, Hillsong Conference, for giving me the entire video series for free.  My heart is rejoicing.

    5 Things Tuesday … on a Wednesday

    Hello friends. Sorry that I’ve been totally slacking on my posts. To be honest, I was actually hanging out with some real good friends for two consecutive Tuesdays which made me completely slip on writing a 5TT post.

    As much as I love telling you what’s up with me, I really love it telling friends in real life. But for those of you who I can’t have coffee conversations or Taco Tuesday with … here’s what’s been happening these past couple weeks.

    1  A FEW GOOD SHOOTS - After being on photography leave for a bit (I had a short stint as a nanny that took up most of my time), I sat down and organized some shoots.

    I had two recently. Both model test shoots.  And I have two more this weekend for headshots and press kits. And then I have to shoot a lookbook next week for a fashion company. 

    It’s a little crazy.  But I like being busy!  Let’s hope the jobs keep coming!

    model: Whitney Grimm
    hair & makeup: Precious Dass
    wardrobe stylist: Mary Carr
    see more photos HERE 

    2  I FELT A LITTLE CRAFTY CREATIVE THIS WEEKEND - Every once in awhile I have to make something. I mean, being a photographer is amazing and has this element of creativity but sometimes it’s nice to physically make something.

    So this Saturday I decided to just make some magnets. They’re small and somewhat insignificant but I like them a lot. And apparently so do other people. So there’s 6 new sets in the STORE and hopefully I’ll post some more later this week.

    SNL’S WEEKEND UPDATE AGREES WITH ME - Remember in my last 5TT post how I said I’m very particular about seasons and how Christmas things should be in a respective time frame? Well, SNL agrees with me! 

    It’s TOO SOON.  Thanksgiving comes first!

    SODA PAPER OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED LAST WEEK - My incredibly talented friend and lifetime Tres Dudes roomie finally launched her stationery store last week. Check it!

    I have 8 “hello” cards ready to go … who wants a lovely Soda Paper card in their mailbox?

    5   I REALLY WANT STUDIO SPACE - You guys. I really want studio space. Like for realz. It’s time to start looking and planning and budgeting for a place to really craft, create, style, and do photo shoots!

    And drink coffee. And have dance parties. And watch movies. Etc etc.

    Time to scout!  Who’s with me?


    So it’s Friday and I have to admit that I’m having probably one of the best afternoons I’ve had in a long time.

    I arrived in Portland a few hours ago and have already hit up Kenny & Zuke’s Delicatessen, Powell’s City of Books, and am now at Stumptown Coffee/Ace Hotel. 

    And all of this is within the same block. Literally. It’s kind of awesome.

    I’m such a city girl/book nerd that this is my happy place. Never was much of a beach girl … give me coffee and a stack of books and I’m golden.

    Anyways. I’m here now and I should work for the next couple hours. I have a few proposals to write! 

    Ok bye now. Have a happy Friday!

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