5 Things Tuesday

So I’ve been totally MIA lately. Sorry about it.

I’ve been super mentally and emotionally drained lately that I just couldn’t muster up any energy to do any blogging. My bad. Oh well. 

Anyways, back to 5 Things. Here goes it:

1  CALL ME MARY POPPINS (3 YEAR OLD ALANA DOES) - One of the reasons I’ve been so busy this past month is because I’ve been all over the place between nannying and doing web development. Yeah - none of those things have anything to do with photography but they do help pay the bills. 

I don’t mind it. I get to play with two adorable little kiddos for the next month and I have to admit, I sort of like it.

2  GLOVE ACTUALLY - So my friends and I are joining a local softball league and we’re starting up next week! I’m super pumped! Brings me back to my Armor Softball days. 

I’m so glad we prepped up by watching “The Sandlot.”

3  THIS VINE COMPILATION VIDEO IS BOSS - Seriously. The kid listening to Skrillex for the first time and the kids dancing - those are the best. Actually, anything with kids is awesome. And puppies. And people falling. Those are great. Bwahaha!

[ps - sorry that the cover photo of this video is of this girl’s chest. so unneccessary]


4  FILIPINO CUISINE IS IN AND NOW - According to Details Magazine Filipino Cuisine is the new up and coming spotlight food and I’m OK with that. 

Yeah. Get it. Who wants some LUMPIA!?

5  I NEED A PHOTO INSPIRATION TRIP - I feel like with my brain fried from web development and me physically suffering from the summer heat, I need to go on a photo inspiration trip. I just need to go away and refresh my headspace.  Tap into what I really love again. 

I’m seriously going to bounce one day. Portland or Hawaii. Or San Fran or San Diego. I just got to get out of here and clear my head.  I’ll let you know one day via Instagram. Haha!

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