5 Things Tuesday

Hello there.  Sometimes 5 things is very hard to come up with.  But I try … oh my God do I try … (remind you of any awesome father/daughter singer duo?)

So here goes it.  5 things.  Boom.

1  LAST WEEK I HAD LUNCH WITH JESSE PENICO!  I happened to be in the area and so I texted him.  And we met up in Pioneer Square at this amazing sandwich shop.  Delish!  Thanks for the recommend, JP.  You’ve only been in the area for a 6 weeks and you’re already schoolin’ me on my own city … anyways, check it out if you’re in the area:  Delicatus Seattle

Jesse Penico used to work with me down in FL at the magazine.  He was Sr. Marketing Designer extraordinaire.  Supermegaawesometalented (bonus points if you know what i’m semi-quoting here).  And he designs killer t-shirts.  check out his portfolio here:  JESSEPENICO.COM

Makes me remember the good times of Pipe & Porch, #drunkpenico moments, hangouts at Redlight Redlight and other eating/drinking establishments, lots and lots of overtime (mostly for design and editorial).  While we were talking, he stated it best:  “RELEVANT is kind of an anomaly.  we just have the most awesome people to work with.“  True stuff.

Now how do I get the rest to move up here too?

2  BUFFY WEARS JACKS - since everyone is all baseballed out and tv shows on halt, I’ve been reverting back to my Netflix ways.  Currently been flying through old school Buffy and started on Prison Break.  

But I did notice something sort of amazing.  Buffy wears Jack Purcell’s, even when she’s fighting.  I saw two distinct pairs throughout the series so far.  Timelessness to the classic, preppy look.  Not to mention durability.  

Look!  It’s plaid.  

3  SPEAKING OF PRISON BREAK, NEW CRUSH:  WENTWORTH MILLER.  I might be late to the party or whatever.  I don’t care.  He’s gorgeous. Iima just let that sit for awhile.  Please and thank you.

4.  I’D REALLY LIKE TO GO SHOPPING RIGHT NOW BUT I CAN’T.  So I’m doing my regular wait-listed window shopping.  One day when I have disposable income again (darn you student loans!) I’ll begin with Madewell.  And most likely mix in some Nordy Rack.  Throw in a pair of TOMS.  A little shopping spree at Sephora.  And a Beamer while I’m at ;)

This is Jo’s branding wishlist.  For later, of course …

5  LONGEST ARGUMENT EVER - hilarious.  Although beware of derogatory moments.  but hilarious. Thank you “Bridesmaids” special features.

The little things

For ten years I went nonstop.  From the time I left high school to the time I left FL.

I think having 3-4 full time things on my plate was a customary thing.  

School/work/life/relationship/career/business/leadership programs - any combination really.

And then all of a sudden, I had a break from it all.  Unexpectedly.  Abruptly actually, Without my consent.  But in a way gracefully.

It’s been almost two years and I’ve been in this transition/rest period.  And I’m still figuring out things.  But now it’s not so much a blur.  And I’m not overweighted by the demands of my overcommitted life.  

I’m enjoying the small things:  family, tv, resting, car drives, happy puppies, freshly baked cupcakes, good music.

These are the things life are made up of.  

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