30’s are new 20’s

“My friend Bob, who is about 10 years older than I am, told me recently that, at least in our culture, your 20s are about getting educated, your 30s are about accumulating resources (becoming financially sustainable), your 40s are about building (families, houses, careers, ministries, impact) and your 50s are about enjoying what you’ve built (and perhaps pressuring your kids to get married and make babies). He did not intend this as advice, he was only making an observation. But I tend to think it’s a pretty good path. It takes time to build influence, to establish connections and to build confidence in others at your abilities.”

- Donald Miller, If 40 Is the New 30, Is 20 the New Junior High?

I read this article over a year ago and this particular quote stuck with me. 

I’m pretty sure Don Miller is talking about Bob Goff. Maybe. Probably. But what he says is true. 30’s are new 20’s. And if so, I’m OK. Happy birthday to me.  

I’m excited for PF Changs tonight.  

5 Things Tuesday

1  I’M TIRED OF BEING SICK - I’ve been under the weather for too long now and it’s not fun. I sneeze uncontrollably in the morning. My allergies are killing me. And it’s been unbearably hot lately. But I’m still alive … working from home. Doing what I can.

I’m not the type to admit that I need to go see the doctor, but it’s been the summer flu that has lasted too long. And the sucky thing about being a freelancer/part-timer is that I don’t have health insurance. This has been my situation for so long that I’ve just kind of dealt with it. I’ve been doing that resting thing a lot lately though. That helps.

I might head on over to Panera later today too for some chicken noodle soup.  

2  THIS IS FORTY - The sort of sequel to Knocked Up. I’m really excited about this one.

3  I STARTED READING LOVE DOES BY BOB GOFF - Actually, I’m in the middle of like 3 books. Although Love Does is what I’m currently reading every morning. It’s really good. Bob Goff is a very entertaining writer with a talent to actually tie things back to a deeper meaning. I really am enjoying it.

Other books I’m currently reading:

  • Creative, Inc - trying to get the mindset of creative entrepreneurship in gear
  • Twilight - thought it’d continue my ability-to-read-fiction streak, but it’s not working
  • Pricing Photography - so I know how much to charge people (definitely an eye opener)

And I did finish The $100 Startup. That one is a good one.  

4  IT’S BEEN KIND OF A TOUGH WEEK - between being sick and then getting my car towed (I need to learn to read street signs), and then a situation that happened within my community group. It’s been tough.  

I know that all things work together for good. It’s just hard to see that when I have to dish out a few hundred dollars to get my car back and people’s feelings get hurt when confronted about something that seems unreasonable to many. I don’t know how to explain things or how to react at times. But sometimes you just have to deal and move on.

5  BIRTHDAY DINNER @ PF CHANGS THIS FRIDAY - Who wants to come? It’s kind of a tradition. I’m fully expecting Christina and Leighanna to be there. Please & thank you.

This was taken on my 27th birthday awhile ago.

5 Things Tuesday

Good morning folks. Happy Ruby Tuesday.  

I hope all y’all are doing well. Here’s what’s been going on with me:

1  MY SISTER’S BIRTHDAY - So my little sister just turned 21! It’s official we can hit up the bars and casinos all we want now … but I’m sure that’s not what we’re going to do.  My sister barely likes coffee, so alcohol is going to take some time.  

I’m sad that I didn’t fly up to celebrate with the fam, but I’ll make that up to her when she comes to visit this summer. We’re going to hit up Six Flags!  

Happy Birthday, Tax Baby!

APRIL SHOWER GOODNESS - I was recently included in a treasury list on Etsy. It’s something small but it’s still exciting! I’m glad to be included and shared with others.

3  CATALYST WEST THIS WEEK - I’m attending the Catalyst West Conference and I am so excited. Like I’m really excited. It’s weird because it’s not something I planned for, but it’s something that was handed to me. Like “here you go, enjoy some amazing teaching from the best in Christian leadership.” Awesome.

Honestly, I’m pumped to just go with an empty notebook, my camera, and a willing heart. Let’s get some worship and wisdom! It’s weird because when you’re not in school anymore you have to find other ways to be a life learner. And book reading is great, but being in a place where people pour into you like that … I think there’s a lot of me that wants that. Mentorship and being surrounded by like-minded people, this is going to be good.

4  MAKING UP FOR LOST TIME - I’ve been spending a LOT of quality time with family lately and it’s been kind of amazing … but also very tiring.  I’m excited to have a bit of down time.  

But overall I’m really glad to spend some time with my cousin and her family (even though the little one woke me up at 7:30 each morning). But overall great time to really have amazing conversations and hanging out. We walked to the beach and baked cupcakes and went shopping. Oh and there was even a baby skunk.  

Good times!

5  THE CALIFORNIANS - Seriously I DIED when I watched this sketch on SNL. Not only is it absolutely ridiculous and the sheer fact that Bill Hader is trying to keep it together, but it captured that California thing so well! I’ve only been here for a couple months but I totally know those areas they’re talking about. It just cracks me up because people really do talk about the roads like this.  Ridic.

Anyways I’d usually embed this video on the post but for some reason Hulu embeds aren’t working on this Tumblr theme.  So instead watch it HERE.

Also - the Gotye Digital Short was really funny too with Andy and Taran.  So hilarious. 

MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Phillip Phillips - Home

Call me a sucker for American Idol goodness. You know the kind … where you follow a contestant and fall in love with their story as well as their singing talent. This kid, Phillip Phillips is amazingly talented.

He’s got that folksy, Dave Matthews sound with the down-to-earth, southern boy charm. I really like this song - perfect fit for him. You’d know it if you watched his season. It’s his coronation song. You should watch the live version. That one is good too.  

Anyways. I think I need a vacation. This song makes me sort of want to go home …   

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