Thunder Style

OKC Thunder has been ROCKIN’ it lately. And I’m totally loving it.  

I’ve always been a college ball girl, but hey this NBA team has won me over (for many reasons) … they’ve been fighting their way, but winning playoff games left and right.  

So that’s awesome.

I wish I could wear this incredibly cute outfit to show my support for the team. Yeah.

5 Things Tuesday

1  WEDDING WEEKEND - June kicks off one wedding season, and what better way to do that than with family.  Happy merry wedding congrats to my cousin and his new bride, Jenn!

Absolutely beautiful.  

Also - how ridiculous stinkin’ cute are these ring bearers and flower girls??

2  EN ROUTE TO SEATTLE - As you’re reading this post I’ll most likely be on my way back to the great Northwest to celebrate my sister’s college graduation!  It only seems like yesterday she was going to grade school in her little blue outfit (she’s totally going to kill me for posting this picture).  

Congrats Krissy Li Li!

3  POSTCARD WIN - Earlier this year I stated that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to send out more cards, care packages, and goodies in the mail to randomly bless others.  So far, it’s been fun!  But I haven’t done it enough yet.  

Well I found these super cute postcards from Quill & Fox at Anthro and decided to send little “hello” notes to my friends.  This time around it was mostly my RELEVANT Friendos (aka “Finer Things Ladies”).  Goodness, I miss those ladies.

Anyways.  Sending it out was half the fun.  Getting replies back was even better. [See Amy and Foxy Roxy below, click for Hemarie, and Christina].

4  ANDY SAMBERG IS LEAVING SNL - Recently I posted about Kristen Wiig’s departure from Saturday Night Live and just last night I heard of Andy Samberg’s leaving as well.  There’s been rumors about him and Jason Sudeikis both finishing up their time there, but it’s been officially announced about Andy.  

Sad day!  I’ve been a huge fan of the The Lonely Island (and all their Digital Shorts) for awhile now.  And with Jorma gone, I’m not quite sure if Akiva is staying.  Anyways.  I think I want to watch “Hot Rod” now.  Sounds fitting.

5  BOURNE LEGACYWITHOUT MATT DAMON?  I posted this video on my Facebook earlier this week and people seriously were all up in arms about a Bourne movie without Matt Damon.  

Personally, I’m excited.  I think it’s going to be awesome.  It’s not a reboot or a prequel … it’s just a continuation of the story.  I’m imagining it to be all sorts of awesome.

What do y’all think?


Is it just me or are a lot of bands swapping people around? Like some sort of new collabs that create new bands … (ie. fun. is made of people from The Format, Anathallo, and Steel Train and Sucre is made up of people from Eisley, Mutemath, and Jeremy Larsen).  

Anyways.  Here’s another example of a band that was created by other bands. JJAMZ (pronounced juh-JAMS) is made of a few LA based bands. Z-berg fronts the band with her vocal stylings, and four other dudes make up the band. Check out their first single, “Never Enough.”

My initial thoughts are: the song is catchy … there’s a lot of cigarette smoking in this music video.  

But yeah.  Enjoy!

CREATIVE INSPIRATION / Unconventional Banners

These are awesome.  I want to make something like this - but maybe a more positive message.  Or ironic.  Or hilarious.

Yeah.  I need to craft.  Be creative with my hands.  All I’ve been doing is things on my computer, so it’d be nice to actually make something tangible.  I’m still trying to make these fabric garlands.  I wish I had a party to throw or something.  It’d give me a reason to make these things.

Anyways.  That’s all.  Bye.


There’s this empty apartment downstairs in the building I’m in.  And I really want to go down there and utilize it as a backdrop.  There’s just something great about an empty room, bare walls, and hardwood floors.  So simple.  All you have is your subject.

I’d really like to just grab someone and take a few shots.  Someone who likes to smile.  Literally it’d take like two minutes.  

If you’re in LA and like to smile, let me know.  Thanks!

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