5 Things Tuesday

So … I sort of was on an unexpected hiatus of sorts. Sorry about that. 

I didn’t mean to just check out like that, but I kind of was in a funk pretty much all of October and I just needed a break. From like everything. I quit posting on both this blog and my FB Biz Page because I was just kind of burnt out. 

Anyways. I’m back. I’m here. I’ve sort of moved past my funky, cloudiness and am present again.

Lord willing, November will be a much better month.

All this to say, here are 5 things that are going on with me:

1  ON THE BIZ FRONT - Honestly, I’ve been really overwhelmed because I’ve been working on actual targeted marketing efforts. This includes setting up on email blasts, researching printers, designing promo mailers, working on the biggest Excel sheet ever of target clients, and figuring out how in the world we’ll be reaching out to ad agencies and magazine editors.

It’s a big mountain to climb but it’s worth it if we start getting bigger, better jobs. That’s the goal. 

I can’t wait to get things going though. It’s going to be awesome.

Other big goals on the horizon - complete overhaul of the website (something a bit more SEO friendly) and looking into studio space (I think I may have found one, just need to make sure I have room in the budget for it). 

2  SOMETIMES I JUST GOTTA BAKE - October was just super overwhelming for me. There was just a lot going on and I couldn’t deal with it at times. So instead, I would bake.

It’s just nice to make something with your hands. For me, there’s something therapeutic about baking - I don’t necessarily want to eat whatever I baked but there’s this slight satisfaction with making something from scratch.

I really wish I had a bakery or coffee shop that I could drop these off at. That would be ideal. 

Also, I wish I still had my pastry chef jackets. I don’t know what happened to them. Someone buy me one.

3  SPEAKING OF CULINARY GOODNESS - I’m on a HUGE cooking show kick. Like for serious. 

Ever since we got Hulu hooked up on our BluRay player, I’ve been eating up the MasterChef and Top Chef episodes. I just looooove it. 

And I cannot wait for season 2 of MasterChef Junior. Those kids are what shamed me into learning how to cook this year. Seriously … 8 year olds who’d school you in the kitchen.

You know what else is amazing? The movie Chef. I mean, that grilled cheese!

I just really appreciate good food photography and art direction.

4  FRIEND FUNK - A while back I talked about how I had a semi falling out with a great friend that really wrecked me. Like I was pretty distraught over what happened then. We’re cool now … it just was a really hard thing to get through.

Well, these last couple months was like deja vu or something. I had two hiccups with two separate friends that sort of destroyed me for a while. It’s all cool now, I was just really confused then. I mean, not knowing where you are with friends just jacks you up sometimes.

It’s just so weird how that affected me so much.  

Thank God for reconciliation. And communication. And grace.


It’s all good now. Praise God.

On a side note, lots of other friend circles are great. Clementine (the brunch spot that’s featured below) was the home to some great meetups recently. One with my core from Reality LA. Another with a random girl from ORU who lives in LA. I’ve never met her before but I found her on LinkedIn, of all places. Apparently we were at ORU at the same time, just didn’t cross paths at all. So weird! We talked all morning about life and how we ended up in LA. It was kind of awesome.

Apparently there’s more ORU people out here … too bad LA is so spread out. I’d totally love to hang out with more alumni.

5  HEAD IN THE CLOUDS - You guys, this subtitle is two-fold. That’s how witty I am with words. Not really.

  • my vision was totally cloudy - last month I lived in quite a fog, and in most cases I just didn’t want to do anything at all. That’s what happens when I get in a funk. Which honestly hasn’t happened in a long time. But I think it was just a culmination of everything I’ve mentioned - work overload, friend sitch, and well there was a death in the family too. That last one really hit hard. I’m sad that I couldn’t go home for the funeral. 

  • and I really need to get out of town (travel = flying = soaring above the clouds. boom!) - I’m at that critical point where I have to get out of town or my head will explode. I technically still have a few passes to blow before the end of the year, but flying really takes so much out of me sometimes. I’ve thought about doing some local day trips to like San Diego or Santa Barbara. So we’ll see what happens. 

So yeah. Hopefully this fog will let up. I really need it to.

5 Things Tuesday

Let’s see if I can get this in before midnight!

Here are five things going on with me:

1  YOU CAN CALL ME FORGETFUL LUCY - You guys, I have been a quite a Forgetful Lucy lately. First while in the Denver airport, I left my Moleskine notebook behind. If you’ve ever sat next to me in church, you’d know that this notebook is super important to me. It’s chock full of church notes and doodles and to-do lists … it would be a shame to lose it. Thank God some random guy found it and called the number inside. Apparently I owe him a million cupcakes now.

But that’s not it. While shooting that wedding in Denver, I gave my Honor Ring to one of the bridesmaids to hold on to. Apparently, I forgot to get it back. And I’ve gone about two weeks wondering where the heck it was. Thank God she told the bride. Now I’m just waiting for it to come in the mail. I’ve had that ring for 14 years! CANNOT LOSE IT. I CANNOT LOSE MY HONOR.

Well, I’m still a hot mess. Yesterday during a shoot I dropped my camera on the lens. On my 50mm prime lens. Like on my favorite lens. UGH.   

It’s OK though. Ima get me a grip on life soon. Thank God for random strangers who mail you back your things and lenses that you can replace (eventually).  

2  THERE’S A HILLSONG MOVIE COMING OUT - Did you guys hear about this? Apparently the trailer is being released in theaters among regular movies.

Can’t wait to check it out.

3  BACHI BURGER - If you know me at all, you know that I love me some good burgers. Like legit. Well, I found a new burger joint that is BOMB. And it’s on Sawtelle (which is walking distance from where I live). 

I love that I live so close to just a bunch of amazing eateries. I’m totally spoiled by it. Come visit me in LA and we can definitely go get some Bachi Burger!

4  GETTING IN THE WALKING DEAD MOOD - We’re less than two weeks away from the Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead. And what better way to prepare for that than by actually doing a TWD marathon with friends who somewhat stopped partway through season 2?

That’s exactly what we’re doing. Ramming through 3-4 episodes at a time together. Freaking out together. Crying together. It’s intense.

I cannot wait until they get to even more crazier parts. Oh man, I love TV.

But I also love me some Bad Lip Reading. Check it.

5  FEEDING THE MIND - I’ve been trying to stimulate my brain lately with more business, creative industry, and entertainment resources. 

I read some very interesting articles on both Ben Schwartz and Bill Hader  and was just so intrigued by their journeys. I’m just such a big fan of them both that it was great reading about how hard eventually pays off.  

The thing is, as an entrepreneur you can get so caught up in the doing. Answering emails, working on web/social media stuff, being on an assignment. But there are some things that are essential to growing a thriving business. You have to know how to network. You need to always have passion projects. And you have to just keep learning. Always adapting, studying new trends.  

It’s been really good. And I actually love it. Especially now that I schedule it in. Praise God.

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