MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Johnnyswim - “Home” (Live at WFUV)

It’s been forever since I’ve done a Monday Music Share. Seriously … three months.  I kind of suck.

But anyways, it’s never too late to jump-start the series. And what better way to do it than with Johnnyswim.  If you’re a fan of the acoustic, folksy rhythms of the likes of The Lone Bellow and Avett Brothers, you’ll like them.

Enjoy!  If you want more, you should also check out Don’t Let It Get You Down … it was either that song or this one.  Both great.


You guys. I think I missed my calling as a food photographer. That may be the best photo of a sandwich I’ve ever taken.

Although, I haven’t really taken a lot of photos of sandwiches.

Maybe I’ll do that. New challenge for the year!

Anyways. Happy Friday!

Photos from the time we shot in Downtown LA and stopped at Daily Dose. You need to try their Nutella Hot Chocolate because it’s AMAZING.

*  *  *

5 Things Tuesday

Hello friends. Happy TV-Less Tuesday. It’s Week #3 and it’s been pretty OK. I’m surviving.

Anyways, here are 5 things going on with me:

SEAHAWKS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL - Well, first things first here. The Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl!!

You guys, I cannot explain how stressed out I was this past Sunday during the Championship game. We like barely won. But we won. And that’s what matters.

OMG. I still wish I was there for that moment. To be in that stadium. 

I’m not into hashtags at all, but who cares. #12THMAN #BEASTMODE #GOHAWKS

EVERYONE NEEDS TO SIMMER DOWN OK. Everyone is all up in arms about the rant interview that Cornerback Richard Sherman gave right after this Sunday’s win.

Which I totally understand. I mean, it turned me off too. But you gotta understand, the adrenaline is pumping, he just made an epic game-winning play, he wanted to shake Crabtree’s hand to say “good game” and then was shoved in the face.

That’s not cool. I’d be heated too.

But that doesn’t give anyone the right to tear him down. Or discount who he is as a person. Ugh. Everyone needs to settle the frick down.

3  I FINALLY FINISHED BREAKING BAD - Last Friday I watched the series finale of Breaking Bad and my world is now complete. I don’t know how else to explain it.

I finally get it. Why people love this show so much and why it’s pretty much perfect in TV standards. The story arcs, the character development, the cinematography, the acting. EVERYTHING. SO GOOD.

Anyways. I’ve been on like Breaking Bad R&D overload lately. Which just basically means I’ve been reading all the Buzzfeed articles and watching Honest Trailers/Blooper YouTube videos. It’s pretty much the best. Way to desensitize a super serious, intense show with silliness.

If you haven’t started this series yet, you need to. For realz.

KATE MCKINNON AS THE BIEBS IS THE BEST - Not only did Drake kill it on this week’s SNL, but Kate McKinnon absolutely nailed Justin Bieber in this cold open (I pretty much was dying):


5 Things Tuesday

Hello. Happy TV-less Tuesday. It’s week 2 of my non-watching TV-ness and I’m doing OK. 

Granted my mind has been reeling over the last half of Breaking Bad Season 5 (I’m on episode 9 … and I have to wait until tomorrow to continue). Patience is virtue. Patience is a virtue. And a fruit of the Spirit. So is self control.

Anyways. Here’s 5 things going on with me:

DOUBLE THE SETH GODIN. TRIPLE ACTUALLY - Since I’m forfeiting the television a bit, I decided I should read more. But I didn’t have any books on hand. So I walked to the neighborhood library - which is TINY.   I did managed to find two books by Seth Godin. Love me some marketing wisdom.  

Somehow I forgot that I also signed up for Seth Godin’s class on Skillshare.  I’m basically getting a crash course on proper marketing principles. I guess that’s a good thing if I want to grow my business!  

Side note: I just noticed that his Skillshare class has over 6,000 participants. That’s crazy! If you’re at all interested, you should do it. It’s only $19.  

2  NOT SO UNIQUE - Last week my friend and I checked out this co-working space downtown. The idea of it is amazing: beautiful offices, brick walls, shared space to work, creative atmosphere, a hub for collaboration, etc etc. Which it is all those things. And I love all those things. But it’s downtown.

Which is far. 

And annoying. The commute. Ugh. 

So even though I have 3 more days to my trial work week, I don’t think I’m going to use it. Because it’s not worth it. I really need to find something here on the west side. It would be bomb if we could find something for us. I’m pretty sure we could rock our own creative studio space.  

I’ve always been looking, but seriously I’m going to really start looking.  Who’s in with me?

3  PALEYFEST - Even though a lot of people are excited about Coachella’s lineup, I’m more excited about the Paleyfest lineup!

They’re having a Veronica Mars reunion. Seriously, guys. SRSLY.

And How I Met Your Mother?! Like for realz. I need to be there. And Pretty Little Liars and The Mindy Project and more. So many shows. I’m liking the idea of Paleyfest being an annual thing.

4  THIS - Seriously. This is the best. 

5  THE SEAHAWKS. DUH.  This Sunday. Championship game. San Francisco. WHADDUP.

5 Things New Years Resolutions

Hello all. It’s the first Tuesday of the year and I made it! Let’s see if it sticks …

Anyways. I thought I’d go with a theme: New Years Resolutions. Pretty standard, I know. But I tried to step outside the traditional resolutions that almost everyone has and my usual repeats (drink more water, learn to cook, wear my hair down, etc.).

So here you go. Here are 5 things I’m going to try to incorporate into my life this year:

MORE SUNRISES/SUNSETS - You guys, I failed as a human being because I only saw the sunrise twice last year. The amount of sunsets isn’t much more impressive than that.

You guys - I need to go outside! Breathe beauty all around me!

That’s one of my resolutions. More sunrises, more sunsets, more hikes, more beaches, more mountains, more fresh air.


LESS TV - This morning I decided to join forces with the TJ Mousetis and many others to take the TVLESS TUESDAY Challenge.  That’s right. I, Joanne Policarpio Garcia, am pledging to not watch any TV, Netflix, or Hulu one day out of every week.

If you know me at all, you know how much I love TV. Like a lot.

But I’m excited about this challenge. Maybe I’ll start reading more books. Or work on some projects around the house. Or go have coffee with friends.

This has a ton of potential. You should do it too!

MORE PERSONAL PROJECTS - I need to do more projects for the sake of my own creative sanity. It’s easy for the world to demand a different voice out of your work, or for the media to dull down your senses when it comes to creating.

But I think I need to take a step back and just do things for me. For what I like. For the aesthetic that I lean towards.

I just know that I have to do more for me.

I hope that’s not selfish.

4  I NEED TO (KEEP) BROADENING MY HORIZONS - You guys, I just ate an avocado tuna lettuce wrap. Seriously, this is something I would never eat in my past life. But I’m broadening my horizons!

I’ve been eating random stuff at Korean BBQ with my aunts and uncles and rolling gyoza wraps like a champ!

Seriously, after watching all seven episodes of MasterChef Junior I’ve learned that I need to learn how to cook and have a more refined palate!

EXPLORE SOCAL - I’ve been in Los Angeles for almost two years and I haven’t gone anywhere. Granted, I’ve gone to Boston and NYC and Portland. But I haven’t really gone anywhere here in California.

I haven’t been to Santa Barbara or Monterey or Joshua Tree or Carpenteria … I haven’t seen Big Sur yet or even gone to Big Bear. I’ve barely gone to the beach. And I’ve only gone to San Diego once. 

I have been to San Francisco but I should probably give that another go. 

This is the year.  This is where I actually do everything featured in Soarin’ Over California.

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