5 Things Tuesday

Happy Tuesday. Hope you all are doing great! I’ve kind of had a busy yet uneventful week. Just working a lot. Trying to coordinate life for April.  Etc etc. 

Other than that, this is what’s new in the life of Jo:

1  WORKING WITH A RECRUITER - I met with a recruiter last week to help me find some good job leads. And let me just tell you, having a staffing team help you helps SO MUCH. Not only does it boost your confidence, but their network is so much bigger and better than mine. And it’s their job to help get your name out, so I don’t have to feel bad asking people about connections.  

So I met with one of their reps last week and she was awesome. Helped revamp my resume a bit to make it sell project management more - which by the way is what I’m looking for. Something in the creative digital agency realm but in the project management side of things. I’ve been getting job leads from people who apparently have no idea what it is I do. Apparently they think I do boring stuff. Blah. No thanks.  

If you’re having trouble landing work, I highly recommend finding a staffing company.  They’ll help you find temp, freelance, or contract work. So hopefully this staffing company will help me get to something great!

2  FIGURING OUT APRIL - So I’ve had a housing hiccup for the month of April and I’ve been scrambling around to figure out where to live, who to room with, and how to get there. There’s a handful of options but I don’t want to feel like a burden on others. But it’s nice to be able to lean on friends and family.  

There’s still so many things up in the air. A few new job leads. A place to stay in May, but figuring out April. Putting the bedroom furniture in storage. Wanting to go to Six Flags and Easter Service. And then figuring out transportation in it all. Then there’s the Catalyst West Conference in a few weeks that I want to go to (since I won free tickets). But how does that work into the new job if I land it? So many things to figure out.

So yeah. This is April for me. Crazy, but it’ll be ok. That’s what I keep telling myself.

3  SPEAKING OF TRANSPORTATION - I’ve been walking everywhere for the past month and hitching rides to/from church and small group. That has worked fine for now, but I know I eventually want to get a car. I can’t believe I haven’t really had one since I sold my Blazer two years ago. Weird!

Anyways, I remembered to look up Zip Car and apparently they have a few right here in the Westwood area. It’s kind of awesome. Rent a car by the hour, gas and insurance is included, and drive!  

Seriously, gas included. Which is awesome since gas here is $4.50. Yeah. Ridic. So I’m definitely pumped to have that option in case I ever need to go anywhere. Sometimes I hate asking for rides, and the bus takes forever … so thanks Zip Car. You’re awesome.

4  THERE GOES ANOTHER GOOD ARMOR MAN - So this past weekend, one of my Full Armor friends got married. I’m super excited for him! Yay for Josh and Brittney!

A few years ago there was a strong wave of Armor/Imago people getting married and I went to almost all those weddings .  But one by one, I saw each one of those stellar, godly men get swept up by other girls.  They’re all amazing girls, mostly Imago girls. But still … I’m like “dangit - what about me?”

Don’t lie. You know you’ve thought it too.

Anyways. After Josh’s pics went up on Facebook I got a text message from a friend that was like “OMG who is left?!” Only a few. Everyone else is paired up and having babies now. Wow, I’m getting old.

I’m still super thankful for the path my life has taken - with grad school and work and Florida. I wouldn’t trade any of that (even the hard times) for anything. Although it would have been nice to share it with someone. I know God’s timing is perfect. And His way is perfect. So I’m trusting that.  

But yeah. There goes another good Armor man. I wish I was there to celebrate with you all! I would have LOVED to see everyone again. 

5  UNIQUE LA - I’ve been following Creative Mornings for a while now and am excited about possibly going to some of their events. Their upcoming speaker leads this new event called Unique LA that I know I have to go to now. It just looks awesome.

Who wants to come with me? It’s May 12-13. Just let me know!

Everything will be ok

I haven’t written anything in awhile and I’m sorry for that. Please take these tulips as a peace offering.

Actually - I really like tulips. They’re my favorite flower. So I’m going to keep them for myself.

Just kidding.

Anyways. I’d like to deliver some awesome solid content to y’all but I’ve just been so busy with everything. Moving to California was a big step and there’s still so many details to get through. And then there’s work on top of that. And life. Looking at apartments. Meeting potential roommates. Applying for jobs. Meeting recruiters. Going to small group. Walking miles just to get to places (flashback to my NYC trip where we walked everywhere).  


But everything will be ok. And things will fall into place.  

On a side note - I’m making these CRAZY connections here. Like meeting people left and right. And catching up with old friends. And just knowing different people who do different things … it’s crazy awesome. 

Sometimes I’m like “dude, was moving out to LA completely insane?” 

Yeah maybe.

But all the things that are happening that are GOOD far outweigh the insanely weird unknowns. I mean, God has taken the time to build the foundations of community before things kick into full gear.

Yeah.  This might have been crazy.  But I think everything will be alright.


5 Things Tuesday

Hello friends. I was up late last night … silly time change. It’s been throwing me off.  

Anyways, creative juices hit me last night at that late hour and when that happens, I’m a goner. I’m always like “Why at 3 AM?” Oh well. It’s all good. Helped me get a head start on today’s post.  

Boom. 5 Things.

1  IT’S ALMOST ST. PATTY’S DAY - Time to wear your festive green and pretend you’re Irish! I literally have no green in my wardrobe. I should really fix that. Last year I had to make a bracelet out of green ribbon which was totally cute and awesome, but maybe this year I’ll be ready. 

Plus, you know. It’ll be my friend’s birthday - Jessica M, I’ll be calling you!

2  FOUND MY RED LIGHT RED LIGHT FIX - Yeah so I’ve been to a few places around here in Los Angeles, and I think I found my favorite drinking spot. I don’t drink a lot, but I LOVE hanging out with friends. And in Orlando, it was Red Light Red Light. But here it’s Timmy Nolan’s. Thank you, Irish Bar and awesome friends to talk to. About TV. Yeah, it’s kind of awesome. Plus as an Irish Pub, it fits with the St. Patty’s Theme.

Now all I need is to find a replacement for Pipe & Porch. I still wish we made T-Shirts.

3  TV OMG MOMENTS - One of the great parts of being in LA is that I am surrounded by people who LOVE TV as much as I do. So weird! I’m kind of a TV junkie and can talk about it for hours, disecting shows and story arcs and all that jazz. And well, I now have people to talk to about it.  

Anyways, I’ve been having back-to-back TV OMG Moments. Where I literally yell out “OMG” to the TV (actually my laptop). Here are some moments that really got me:

  • One Tree Hill - Double punched in the face with the Clay thing and the Chase thing. Woah. Dude. 
  • LOST - I’ve been running through the series and just finished the second season. Holy crap. What?!
  • SKINS (UK) - Last night’s episode I was like “WOAH!” It was people showing up out of nowhere and slapping each other. Crazified.

That’s all I can really recall right now. But seriously, they were moments that I sat up, exclaimed OMG, and then had to text/FB someone about it. Little outta control, Jo.

Don’t watch this scene if you haven’t seen OTH yet. But seriously this scene rocked me.

4  COFFEE WITH THIS GIRL - After church on Sunday I had coffee with this girl: Beth A.  It was pretty much epic. She was an editorial intern at RELEVANT when I was on staff. We had a lot to catch up on. Life. The past couple years. How we ended up here. What God has been doing in our lives and blessing us. How LA is so far. 

We talked about her writing career, her UCB’s classes, her sweet nanny job, the connections she’s making so far. How she “interns” at Hello Giggles and how Molls is following me on Instagram. I told her about my experience so far and all that jazz. 

I like coffee dates like this. You know the kind where you feel refreshed and connected again afterwards.  

5  A LITTLE TWITTER CONVICTION - Last night my computer froze and so I was forced to read. Which is OK since I’ve been on a reading kick lately. I switched off and started a business book called Crush It. It’s been recommended by a few business blogs that I was following so I started it.  

And in the book he talks about building your brand, being passionate about it, and creating AWESOME content. I’ve been trying to do that for the past year or so but it’s been hard to really know what “Joanne Garcia Inc” is all about. You know?

I’m passionate about a lot of things but it’s been hard to narrow it down to something simple. So that has stalled the entire branding process. I’ve had a Twitter for awhile now, just haven’t used it. So last night, out of conviction from this book, I went to my Twitter and started at it.  

Maybe it’ll raise my Klout score. Haha! Whatever that means.  

Anyways, I think I’ll be making new business cards. But this time I’ll change the tag line to “where creative meets business” - which is a phrase I use a lot. And that sums up pretty much everything else I’m passionate about. Yeah.

Anyways. Follow me @joannepgarcia. I had a REALLY hard time picking out a name (apparently @joannegarcia was suspended and @youcancallmejo was already taken.  UGH, annoying).  

But yeah. Awesome Tweets sure to come.

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