5 Things Tuesday

1  MOMENT JUNKIE - I found this really cool blog that encapsulates treasured, candid moments at weddings. As a wedding photographer myself, I absolutely love the candid shots. The ones that they don’t see you taking their picture - those are the best ones. They capture emotions so well. I hope to have one of my photos featured there one day.

2  COLOR RUN - So after sitting on the fence for the past two weeks about this 5K, I decided to follow through and do the run anyways! So even though my cousins bailed on me, I found two girls there who had their friends bail on them and so we stuck together.  

But overall, Saturday was a good day. I drove 2 hours down and spent some GREAT time with God. Ran 3 miles in paint powder goodness. And then drove 2 hours back in pure karaoke form.  

3  CELEBRITY SPOTTING - This past Sunday I had lunch with some friends at Tender Greens in Hollywood and basically became absolutely star struck when I saw Adam Scott.  

I had no clue that I would react that way, but dude I was so like flabbergasted. I mean, I’m a fan of Parks & Rec and I’ve watched Party Down. Maybe it goes all the way back to Boy Meets World. Or maybe it’s this scene from Stepbrothers. Anywho, he’s great. 

But no. I did not stop by to say hi or ask for a photo. Instead, I stealthily took his picture while I sat at our table. Yeah. I got skillz.

4  RECALIBRATION - After my long drive on Saturday, just thinking about life and such, I’ve decided that I need to strategize my life. Because right now I’m flying by the seat of my pants!

Between random shoots and client meetings and networking one-to-ones … I’m exhausted. And I haven’t really done anything yet really. I need to still do promo materials and schedule out bridal expos and other marketing events. But I also need to protect my time. Creatively and for business. So I decided to set aside Tues/Thur for Creative Blocks and only have meetings on Mon/Wed/Fri. Hopefully this will add some sense to my life. 

If that fails, I’ll just adapt this type of schedule. Note that the Sabbath is still in tact :)

5  SO IT’S OFFICIAL, OBAMA IS HERE FOR A SECOND TERM - How do y’all feel about that? People are all over the place with their opinions. Politics aren’t really my thing, but I’ve been trying to be intentional about staying on top of the topics and debates and such.  (Not going to lie though, SNL helps too).    

But yeah. Here goes it. 2012. Obama/Biden ticket. Round 2. Let’s pray for more jobs, more wisdom, more peace, more direction under God’s guidance. All the above. Amen and amen.

MONDAY MUSIC SHARE - Dog Is Dead - Teenage Daughter (Official Video)

Yo. So it’s still Monday and I have roughly 90 minutes left to make my quota. Today’s music share is brought to you by the rock alternative band from across the pond. No, not One Direction. The other one … Dog is Dead. And even though the band is based over there, this music video was filmed here in Los Angeles. K-Town to be exact.

Shout out to the Asians. (btw - I needs to get me some mean Korean BBQ sometime. Who’s down? I need me some rice.)

Anyways. Music. Enjoy!

5 Things Tuesday (HIMYM Edition)

Hello friends. I’m doing something different for my 5TT post. I hope you don’t mind. I could talk about what’s going on in my life, but sometimes that gets repetitive. Work here. Shoot there. Etc, etc.

Instead, I’m bringing you a special How I Met Your Mother edition of 5 Things Tuesday.  That’s right. Technically there are no real guidelines to this series, so I can bring you any random 5 things I want to. And today, it’s 5 reasons why I’d marry Ted Mosby.  HAHA.  Omg this is already hilarious to me.

Even though he annoys my guy friends (one even called him a tool), I frickin love him. So here goes it. 5 Things.

1  HE WEARS JACK PURCELLS - First things first: I really like the way Ted dresses. Overall his wardrobe is great. Everything from casual wear to professional wear (b/c he’s a college professor). But the thing that completely wins me over is the fact that he wears Jack Purcells. Yeah. I’m kind of a shoe snob, especially when it comes to Jacks. 

Maybe snob is too strong of a word. I feel like we’re on the same team! Because Jack Purcells are totally different from Chucks. But that discussion can be an entire separate post (we’ll save that for another day).

Anyways. Extra bonus points for just wearing awesome shoes. 

2  TED MOSBY IS A COMPLETE DORK - I absolutely love dorks. I don’t know what it is, but when certain things that make you light up I just think it’s the greatest combination of hilarious and cute. 

Anyways, some of my favorite dorky attributes of his are:

  • the way he says “mid-aaay-vill” and “encyclo-paaay-dia” (medieval and encyclopedia)
  • his love for Star Wars
  • the way he lights up when he talks about architecture
  • those red boots!
  • the way he says “Lily, c’mon”
  • his pure loyalty and love of being a New Yorker

3  HIS SMOOTH BEATBOXING - Seriously one of my ALL TIME favorite moments of HIMYM is when Ted thinks he can beatbox. IT IS SO FUNNY. Actually that whole episode is hilarious. But I can watch this scene 100x over and it’d still be hilarious.

(sorry for the poor quality - this is the best one I could find that would embed the video).

4 THIS VIDEO - No explanation. Nothing in particular. But this video cracks me up.  

Maybe it’s not really a reason to want to marry Ted Mosby, but I love the entire interaction between the group.

5  TED MOSBY IS A COMPLETE ROMANTIC - Seriously, I love how he goes above and beyond what is expected. Granted, you don’t want to say “I love you” on the first date, but stealing the blue french horn for a girl is amazing. Or creating the perfect two minute date for a very busy doctor (even though you met her because of a butterfly tattoo). 

I mean, c’mon seriously.

MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Matt Wertz - Feels So Right [Official Music Video]

Today’s MMS is brought to you by the sheer fact that Matt Wertz is playing here in LA this Friday and I’m contemplating if I should go. Believe me, I want to go. But I have a 5K the next morning in San Diego and I’m not sure if I can do both.

I want to, but I’m not sure.

Anyways, to help me make my decision I decided to Youtube recent Matt Wertz videos. I almost picked the one he did with Jana Kramer (a OTH fav and awesome country singer) but I decided to go with this one instead. It’s just fun, simple with a campy kind of feel. Honestly, it looks like a great place to do a photo shoot. There’s so much character there.

Side notes: I’m a big fan of Matt Wertz. His music is great. I saw him a couple years ago in Norman, OK with a friend. It was the Dave Barnes & Matt Wertz tour - which is just a double whammy of awesome. Because they’re both amazing musicians and hilarious.

Yeah. I think I’m going to go to his concert. Who wants to go with me?

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