5 Things Tuesday … er, Wednesday

So you’re probably thinking, “Wow Jo. You’ve been slacking.”

I know. I’ve been super busy. And I haven’t had the time to sit down and write anything down. That’s what happens when life gets crazy. But I’m here now.

SKINS REDUX - I’m super pumped about the all new, revamped finale chapters of Skins. To go back and see how time has changed some of the key characters in these generations … how awesome is that!

I actually wrote out these amazing descriptions of each of the characters in each 2-episode featurettes but they were too long.  I absolutely love Cassie, Effy, and Cook.  I want to rewatch their specific episodes now!

Seriously - check out this trailer. It’s SICKKKKKK.

THE VOICE - I couldn’t get a post up last week for good reason: I was at the live taping of The Voice. It was impromptu and it was something that took up the majority of an already busy day.

Sorry, folks. I had to jump on the opportunity!

We somehow got the best seats ever - front row VIP section. The judges literally walked right passed us toward their spinny chairs. And for a few minutes, Usher was standing right next to me. He has the cutest kids, btw.

My friend, Lisa, got a fist bump from Adam Levine. And I even watched her have a brief conversation with Blake Shelton. So crazy. I still can’t believe that happened.

SEMI-FAMOUS - So remember when I did set design for that one commercial? (More like assisted with set design). Well, apparently I did a  good enough job that they asked me to do it again but for a web series.

They wanted me to head up production design. On a two-episode shoot. On my own. What? Yeah.

It was crazy being thrown into this world of production. It takes a LONG TIME to get these scenes in. But I’m thankful that I was a part of it. There were a ton of hilarious parts - I cannot wait for the blooper reel one day!

Obviously, they have to edit it and get the series up on Kickstarter. But when “Semi-Famous” is officially up, I’ll let you know!

TEBOW TO PATRIOTS - Did y’all hear about this? Tim Tebow officially signed onto the New England Patriots. Do I have to become a Pats fan now? I don’t know how I feel about that.

[I honestly couldn’t find a good pic of Tebow in New England gear so I just went with this one. The orange and blue seemed fitting, being Gator/Bronco colors and all.]

EN ROUTE TO GREEN COUNTRY - I’m on my way to Oklahoma tomorrow to shoot my very last wedding! I’m excited to go back, even though I literally was just there just a few months ago. It’ll be a nice break from LA.

I was debating if I wanted to get in a few portrait sessions while I was there (downtown Tulsa is an amazing spot to do shoots at). I just really felt like a wedding was plenty and I should just use that time to rest.

So bring on the coffee conversations and Mexican food! (I’m really excited about Mexican food). If you’re in Tulsa, let’s hang out!

5 Things Tuesday

1  BANANA STAND FAIL - So if you haven’t heard yet, Arrested Development is coming back for a 4th season via Netflix. And the world rejoices! 

The AD marketing team has been working overtime to get people pumped up.  The Bluth Staircase Truck was spotted at the Santa Monica Pier and the Banana Stand has been touring around LA this week.

So I decided to go. I mean, why not? I’m in LA. I’m a huge fan of the show. But dude, the line for a frozen banana was super long. When I got there at 5:30 they already ran out of bananas.  

Hmmm. I’ll have to try again tomorrow. Good thing this tour lasts a couple days. 

2  THE OFFICE FINALE - Over the past couple weeks I’ve been flying through the last two seasons of The Office in order to make it to the series finale on May 16th. And boy, it did NOT disappoint.

I laughed a lot. I cried a lot. And it was all just so great.

Seriously - 9 years with these people, these story arcs. I’m just so happy with how the stories ended. As I was talking to my roommate about the finale, I literally started crying. 

I’m telling you. They did it right.


Seriously … read a book? Start running again? Decorate the apartment? What do I do with all my free time?

I need to get me some hobbies.

4  A TIDAL WAVE ALMOST ATE ME ALIVE - Yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph two awesome ladies at Abbot Kinney and Venice Beach. And at the very end of the shoot I decided to take one good photo from the ocean. Little did I know that a huge wave was coming my way - needless to say, I was soaked. 

The best part was their reaction. And the fact that my equipment was fine. And this photo. Totally worth it.

5  OH OKLAHOMA - Out of all the places I’ve lived over the years, Oklahoma was one of my favorites. I lived there for 5 years, faced 2 major ice storms and other various weather disasters. But none of it was like what happened to Moore, OK this week.

Seriously. My heart goes out to them. I’m so thankful that my friends that live in Tulsa are fine. 

MONDAY MUSIC SHARE (A DAY LATE): Vampire Weekend - Diane Young (Official Stream)

Sorry.  Yesterday was a holiday and I was out and about at Disneyland.  So this week’s MMS comes a day late.  S’all good though.  I’ve been sampling the new Vampire Weekend album and it’s pretty much amazing.  So obviously I had to share a video of theirs.  

I could’ve used the actual Vevo video but the visual of a Saab on fire for 3 minutes was just not as appealing as I’d like it to be.  So instead, I bring you the SNL version - which happens to be where I heard this song for the first time.  

Love it.  Anyways. Enjoy!

5 Things Tuesday

1  GREEK WEEK - So this past weekend sort of took an unexpected turn toward Greek themed activities. It’s kind of crazy how it all just happened but I’m glad that it did.

  • On Saturday I catered an event at Paramount Studios with a new friend, Lisa. We had just met that day and found out that we apparently both served at Help Portrait together six months prior.  Crazy small world. We had a picture together on Instagram too and didn’t even know it!  
  • Apparently the event we catered was the Greek Awards After-Party. Who knew? Yeah apparently they have awards ceremonies! We saw the guest list beforehand and had hoped that Tina Fey and Zach Galifianakis would show up but they didn’t. But we did get to see Justin Chambers of ER and that was kind of cool.
  • Then Lisa, being as sweet and charming as she is, managed to get three phone numbers that night. One of which who was an actor, another who was a pretty well respected Greek musician. And this musician just happened to be playing at Disneyland for Greek Week, so he gave Lisa a free ticket to both parks.
  • And so we went yesterday to the show, danced with Greek Mickey, stopped by a wine seminar, and met some amazing people. Then we rode a lot of rides.  

It was a busy, full weekend. But good. So crazy to think that I spent most of it with a girl I had literally just met, at random Greek-themed events (a culture I know nothing about … I mean, my knowledge is limited to that of which I know from “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”). But it was great. I’m glad that the weekend turned out that way.

2  LAST WEDDING HOORAH - You guys! I’ve decided to hang up weddings for good. Well, for the most part. I’m going to concentrate on just commercial and fashion photography from here on out (but I may only take a few weddings and/or photo booths here and there depending on the couple). But yeah.  

Reading Start really made me think things through. Time to edit stuff out of my life and just focus on the things I really want to master. And so that’s why I’m editing out weddings - gives me time and space to do what I really love to do.

But yes - wedding in Tulsa for this lovely couple in just two weeks!

3  STEINBECK FOR FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS - So somehow I got caught in an agreement with a friend where I have to read two Steinbeck novels so that he would watch all 5 seasons of FNL.  

Seems easy enough, right? Not really. We’re both very adamant about how great each things are (and Katie can attest to both, she’s the mediator of all this). But I’m just not into reading fiction. Like at all. And I just got the first book, East of Eden, and it’s 600 pages long. What the what?!

This is going to be tough. I haven’t yet started. Can I just watch the James Dean version?

4  YOUTUBE COMEDY WEEK - I started to catch up last week since it was Youtube Comedy Week but I only got so far. But I did get to this video and it cracked me up. You can watch the whole thing if you want, but my favorite part is at 2:25 because Mike Song’s face is pretty much priceless.

PS - it’s meant to be over the top, cheesy. It’s a take on Asian Game Shows featuring some of the best Asian-American Youtubers. Which reminds me, I’ve really gotta catch up on my Wong Fu videos. It’s been awhile.

5  SUMMER PLANS  -  I already have a few plans in the works. Tulsa in June to shoot a wedding. Possibly NYC in July. Sister trip in August to a brand new city of sorts.  

But I’m itching to go somewhere for a quiet weekend getaway. I’m thinking Portland or Boston or Hawaii … yeah, I know. That’s a little extreme Jo. But it can happen. I think it’s needed. Just a little breather.  

So don’t mind me if I just happen to randomly Tweet or Instagram a pic from a random city.

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