5 Things Tuesday

It’s still Tuesday in Hawaii right? Yeah - I think that totally counts.

I’ve been MAD BUSY lately. I woke up super early this morning to check out a networking group and then had meetings, work, errands, more meetings, drawing up contracts, planning. So much to do. And I’m not nearly done yet.  

Oh dear.  

Anyways - here are relatively 5 things going on with me:

1  I LANDED MY FIRST COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY JOB - I’m super pumped about this. What started off as just a casual bump-in at a Blogger Event (yeah blogs!) soon became a great business opportunity. I met someone who works at a kids clothing company and she asked about commercial photography.  

Well, we just had our first meeting last week and now I’m about to start our first project together. Hopefully this one will go smoothly and then we can proceed with more fun projects ahead!

2  A JUMP START ON MY BUSINESS - I’ve had the photography business on the back burner for awhile with the intention that I’ll get to all those details later. Well, this client has definitely lit a fire under me. Time to hustle! I’m talking to a letterpress printer about biz cards (I’m almost out!), planning on revamping the brand to include commercial work, and hoping to join a networking group soon to get some more leads.

So much to do! I don’t know how or when I’ll do it!

3  SEEKING THE ADVICE OF A PRO - A few months ago, I was able to meet Brandon Hill (a super talented commercial photographer) who moved to Seattle right before I left for LA. I really admire his work. He’s mad talented.

Anyways, I saw that he’s passing out his newest print brochure to art directors and designers. So I shot him an email and asked for a copy. And I asked him about moving from weddings to commercial - and he gave me so much advice! Like invaluable advice. I’m super thankful.  

I love that the photographers that I’ve met have been encouraging and not at all catty. It took me awhile to realize that my colleagues are not competition, but that we inspire each other with our art. It’s so cool.

4  GOODBYE PRAYER TREE - In other news, the iconic Prayer Tree at Teen Mania has been cut down. Apparently it was struck by lightning and had to be disposed of. That’s so crazy. Where are we supposed to pray now?

5  FAMILY BEACH TRIP - Lastly, my entire family is enjoying a leisurely vacation at Long Beach right now without me. Everyone in the family is there. It’s so crazy - I wish I could have come!

It would have been epic! Just like that time we all went to Korea!

Anyways, my aunt’s boyfriend keeps sending me play-by-plays. It’s quite hilarious.

That’s ok. I’m crazy busy. And I have two trips on deck - Chicago in a week and Portland next month. So I’m good :)

MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Man On Fire [Official Video]

I meant to post this like six hours ago.  My bad.  Seriously, I don’t know what is my problem.  Anyways - here’s this week’s Monday Music Share.  

I really like this music video for a few reasons:

  • it has a real honest, indie feel to it
  • it showcases a number of different dances from different parts of New York
  • it showcases the people in it, the people who coach it, and the parents involved
  • and then closes it off with an exquisite dance from the ballet company in the most low key setting ever

Overall.  I think the music and the video is beautiful in its simplicity.  I like it.  And I heard the entire CD is good too.  You should buy it.  Ok bye.

5 Things Tuesday

Hey y’all. I’ve had a pretty busy week, but a good one! I slowed down on the running a bit (going to ease into a training program and probably sign up for a 10K in September). And I’m making some traction in the photography realm. And that feels awesome.  

Anyways. 5 things right? Here goes it:

1  I MET ONE OF MY FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHERS - This past Thursday I went to a book signing event at this cute little paper boutique in Venice. Have you ever heard of Craft, Inc or Creative, Inc? I’ve wanted to read those books for awhile but I never got around to buying it. 

Anyways, this event was for their new book: Mom, Inc. Granted I’m not a mom, but I still want to run a business or two and will most likely be a mom one day. So I went. Met some cool people. Drank some lemonade. And then the speakers shared a bit about the book.  

And there was a special guest - Bonnie Tsang. I was really kind of pumped to meet her because she’s one of my favorite photographers! She’s so talented. It was really cool to hear her story (well the stories from all 3 of them were great) and get an idea of how to do what they do.  

I caught her for a few minutes afterwards and she just encouraged me to keep shooting.  Keep at it. Take pictures of everything. So I’m going to try to do that!

*that makes 3 favorite photographers met: Brandon Hill, Jeremy Cowart, and Bonnie Tsang. Fist pump all the way*

2  HANG OUT WITH THE CUZ - So ever since I moved to LA, I’ve been meaning to hang out with some of my cousins that live in the area. For some reason, I’ve hung out with the ones that live the farthest away from me and haven’t had a chance to meet up with the ones who were local. Granted, LA isn’t very commuter friendly. Meeting up in Pasedena meant an hour of traffic, but that’s OK. Anything for family!

That is until one of them cancels on you. If only we had known that a lot sooner, Trisha and I couldn’t saved ourselves a lot of time (and gas money) by staying on the west side. Oh well. All is good - we grabbed ourselves dinner and some Intelligenscia coffee. And I was seriously wired after that.  

Good times with the cuz! More to come!

3  GIRLS NIGHT OUT @ PLAN CHECK - My weekend continued with a bit of Girls Night Out at Plan Check. It was great for 3 reasons:

  • It was architectural themed restaurant which my roommate loved (she’s an architect).  
  • The burger there was pretty darn amazing - one of the best in LA! At least that’s what was debated over dinner all night long. At least, it’s ranked in the Top 5.  There was a fried egg on top of my burger and I still ate it! That’s how good it was.
  • Great company with my friendos nearby - Plan Check was close enough to just walk to. And I like that.

4  SUNDAY NIGHT DINNERS & BOMB CHURROS - This past Sunday we opened up our apartment for Taco Night for Sunday Night Dinners (something my small group does to build community). And we had a crazy turnout! About 30ish people fit in our medium sized apartment. Great night for fun, food, and tons of desserts.

And by desserts I’m talking about cookies, brownies, ice cream sandwiches. All that jazz. And these SUPER BOMB CHURROS that my friend Allegra brought. Apparently the tiny little shop that I’ve walked by a million times serves these homemade deliciousness cinnamon sticks, and I didn’t even know. Definitely going to stop by there from now.

5  FUN. FIX - Last week I talked about my fun. fail. Well I fixed it … sort of. I gave up my ticket to Mumford to instead go to Portland for a week and see fun. with my sister. I was kind of bummed to give up Mumford (because I really like them too) but there was no way to make both work.  

So I’ll be in Portland in late August! Let me know if you want to hang out! I’m really kind of excited to just go somewhere new, low key, and just rest for a bit. This will be my second trip my sister and I take together (last year we went to NYC in late August). We might have to make it a tradition. I like that idea.  

Ok - that’s it for now folks.  I got to get to work!  Have a GREAT 4TH OF JULY!


I totally forgot to queue this up earlier today.  My bad!  

Anyways - a little bit of fun. for y’all.  Not only is this song (and entire album) completely rad, but the official music video is set in a civil war reenactment.  And that’s bomb.  Because you know why?  My dad LOVES civil war reenactments.  And I’ve actually been to one of his events.  He was like a kid in a candy shop.  So ridic.

Anyways.  Yes to fun. 

Yes so much that I’m going to their show in Portland in late August.  I’m so excited.  Yeah!  What now?!

Ok bye.

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