5 Things Tuesday

1  ANCHORMAN @ EAT SEE HEAR - This past weekend I went and watched an outdoor showing of one of my favorite movies, “Anchorman.”  Not only am I super pumped about the sequel coming out later this year, but I’m just happy to have watched the movie with a bunch of people who love the movie as well.  There’s just something about that kind of experience, quoting it and laughing together even though you’ve seen the movie like 100x over.  

So great.  More movies to see later this summer at Eat See Hear.  Including:  The Wedding Singer, Goonies, The Princess Bride, Zoolander, and Pretty in Pink.  

2  COUSIN’S WEDDING PART DEUX - This upcoming weekend I’ll be having tons of fun hanging out with the cousins to celebrate this dude’s wedding.  My cousin Eddie is an Almost Famous DJ who lives here in LA.  The strange thing is that he and his sister (Trisha) literally live the closest to me, but I haven’t seen them.  I’ve hung out with every other cousin instead who live super far.  Weird.  But I’m glad that his wedding will give us another excuse to hang out and party.  Which is totally what we’re doing.  Yeah!

3  REBRANDING OVERHAULAGAIN - I’m in the process of rebranding everything again.  Mainly just revamping my website to include more than just weddings.  I’m in LA now, which means I can do more.  Head shots, commercial, editorial, portraiture, bands, family.  Shoot - might as well jump on that.  So there’s that biz that I need to really truck through and there’s this other project that is on deck.  It’s a secret, but it’s going to be awesome!


4  LOOKING FOR MODELS / I NEED PRACTICE - Speaking of revamping photography and all, I’m kind of rusty and I need to practice.  If you want to model for me let me know!  I’m for serious.  

5  WHITE COLLAR - Currently watching “White Collar” right now since most TV shows are ending their seasons.  So this is a good replacement for now.  Thank you Netflix.  Two weeks in a row!  

But yes, Matt Bomer is very handsome.  Just going to throw that out there.

THINGS I BOUGHT: Pretty Notecards

I am loving these stationary products from QUILL AND FOX … I’ve seen them around on the blogosphere for awhile but just recently bought the Terrarium Postcard Pack from Anthropologie the other day.  

Lemme just say - I love these note cards!

Maybe because I really like sending little hello’s to people I love.

But genuinely, I love their design and quality of product.  So yeah.  Check them out.  Support the small biz shop.  I’m thinking I may have to buy a few more favorites.  

Ok bye!

5 Things Tuesday

Sorry for the delay folks. It’s been a busy morning! But it’s Tuesday and as promised, I will deliver :)

1  FREAK DANCE @ UCB - I went to a screening on an Upright Citizen’s Brigade movie called “Freak Dance” with a friend. It’s one of those movies that you know you’re going to walking into something completely ridiculous. I’m not going to lie - I laughed a lot. Especially at the Barbie doll part and the astronaut dancing. Hilarious.

There were some singing. Lots of dancing. A handful of familiar faces - Amy Poehler.  DTrix. Horatio Sans. Tim Meadows as an Irish Cop. And more.  Thanks for inviting me Beth!


3  KRISTIN WIIG SAID HER GOODBYES - I literally watched this segment over and over again because it made me so sad. Kristin Wiig is one of my favorites! Seven years at SNL - she’s brought us the Lawrence Welk show ridiculousness, one of the two A-Holes, the Target Lady, Gilly, Sexy Shana and that one lady who’s so frickin excited.

Oh man, I just laughed out loud thinking about those sketches.

Anyways - her goodbye dances with everyone was so endearing. You can even see how upset Jason Sudeikis is … so sad! And the final dance with Lorne. Nicely done. Thank you Kristin Wiig for making us laugh all these years!

4  I WAS GIVEN A CAR - Holy crap. Let me just say how awesome God is and how awesome people are. After three months of just walking around and hitching rides to/from places in LA, some amazing people that I know decided to bless me with one of their cars. Literally, we went out to dinner and they handed me the keys. Seriously - I’m still blown away.

Having the ability to drive yourself around in LA is an amazing gift. I’m not going to take that for granted. I’m so excited!  

5  DAWSON’S CREEK IS STREAMING ON NETFLIX - And a cherry on top of everything, how about a little bit of Dawson’s Creek! I’m seriously super excited about watching this show. I only watched the first three seasons when I was in high school and then somehow missed out on what happened once they hit college.  

Even though I know how it all ends, I’m excited to watch seasons 4-6.  Plus, I’ll get to relive the late 90’s early 2000’s. Oh the fashion, the culture.  Everything about it, I love.  Also, I think i’ll forever have a crush on Scott Foley.  This is right before he lands his role on Felicity … apparently there are a lot of pre-stars throughout the show.  It’s like when you’re watching “Freaks and Geeks” and so many random people show up - so great.

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