5 Things Thursday

I promise I started this post on Tuesday but I just couldn’t come up with 5 things. So I’ve been mulling over it for the past couple days, trying to get you the best of what’s happening right now. 

Slowly but surely, here you go:

1  IT’S NOVEMBER Y’ALL - I don’t know if it has the same effect on you, but every time this month rolls around I feel like I blink and the year is gone.

We have two more months, y’all. Two more months to make the most of whatever New Years Resolutions we set out for 2013.  I wonder how I’m doing.

Honorable mention: thanksgiving festivities, last minute travels, no shave November/Movember, sweaters and scarves, being able to wear boots again …

2  I’M FINDING THAT I’M A STICKLER ABOUT SEASONS - You may not know this about me, but I am very particular about certain things being in their respective seasons.

For example, I only bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies two months out of the year - October and November. But as soon as it hits Black Friday, it’s officially Christmas Season and I switch gears for Christmas cookies.

But I realized that it’s not just baking, in my personal opinion:

  • Christmas music should only be from Black Friday to New Years Eve.
  • That’s also the same window where I need to watch my 5 Must See Christmas Movies
  • Not to mention Advent Calendars!  I want to make one for the apartment.
  • I’d like to make Red Velvet Cupcakes around Valentine’s Day (I haven’t really followed through on this one much, but I should).
  • I only watch (500) Days of Summer in summer (along with a few other to-do’s).
  • And zombie movies around Halloween (which I failed to do this year)

I’m going to enjoy the rest of the Autumn Spirit as long as I can.

SPEAKING OF SEASONS, I’M NOW ENTERING A VERY BUSY ONE (SORT OF) - Generally speaking, Nov/Dec is a time that flies by super fast. I don’t know if it’s the holidays or the shorter days, but it just seems to always be so busy and jam-packed.  In a way, I know that I’m approaching busy season in my creative to-do’s. 

i may have really jumped the gun on just setting up a ton of meetings , because now my project list is growing a little too fast. Which is a good thing, but it’s also a little intimidating. But I’m up for the challenge!

(I’m sorry for the F-Bomb in the photo below. I just felt like this photos perfectly resembles what the creative process is like, so I kept it.)

4   CHUCK IS ON NETFLIX, SON!  I’m totally starting that from the beginning and trucking straight through. 

It’s really important to have great shows to watch when you edit pictures … or are Pinteresting.


5  I REALLY LIKE HAVING FRESH FLOWERS IN THE HOUSE - Recently we hosted a birthday breakfast at Tres Dudes and a beautiful bouquet of flowers stayed behind by accident. And I have to admit, I loved having them here to brighten the place.

But flowers only last so long, so now we have a new batch of autumn-colored flowers. I had to share! Mostly because they’re pretty but also because they’re right in front of my face. 


Manic Monday

I used to think the words were “just another man named Monday”

It wasn’t until last year that my sister corrected me.


Anyways … cheers to a brand new week and a brand new month!

5 Things Tuesday

1  NATIONAL PIZZA MONTH - Did you guys know that October is National Pizza Month? Come to think about it, I haven’t had any pizza at all this month. We should fix that before the Thursday!

Thank God there’s ready-made crust from Trader Joe’s. Because probably going to happen soon.

2  FIELDS OF GRACE - I should probably read this. Because Hannah Luce wrote it. And it sorts of hits close to home. Because yeah.

3  OMG GUYS MY HEART JUST EXPLODED - You guys, I just watched this video and it made me cry.  This child, she’s got the biggest heart this world has seen.

See Huffington Post’s article about it HERE.

4  IT’S THE NEW X-MEN TRAILER - I’m so frickin excited about this. No seriously. 


I’m a big fan of X-Men movies and I don’t really know where that came from. Probably because it ties into both my childhood and my college experiences (blockbuster hits with all my ORU buddies). 

Midnight showing, anyone?

5  PIZ OR LOGAN?! THE VERONICA MARS LOVE TRIANGLE - I know, three videos in one 5TT post? Crazy but I have to share.

This video … oh man. I cannot wait for the movie to come out. But who do you think Veronica belongs with? Piz or Logan?

(Obviously, I’m Team Logan. Because it’s Logan.  I mean, c’mon … their love is epic).

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