5 Things Tuesday

Hi friends!  I’m back from Houston and ready to get back to the daily grind of working from home again.  Time to get my game face on … because there is a LOT of stuff to do.  Actually that should be my Point #1 … 

1  TIME TO GET TO WORK - sometimes being in good company really sparks that business/creative/productivity side of me that wants to get stuff done.  I have to work for my part-time job, follow up on all those full time positions I applied to, tweak some stuff for my online stores, hammer down some freelance rates (need a project manager for your small business?), prepare for a few family photo shoots, finalize and finish those magnets I started … yeah.  It’s busy but I like it :)

2  PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT - speaking of photography, I just bought brand new equipment and DUDE I SCORED THE MOTHER LOAD.  It is awesome.  Canon EOS 40D, multiple lenses and filters, a Waacom tablet, two camera bags … I still can’t wrap my brain around the new equipment.  It is unreal to me.  I feel legit. 

I’m a serious photographer now.  Watch out!  Who needs a wedding shot?  Or a family session?  New headshots?  Or new fashion pieces that need to be modeled?  Let’s have some fun!  

3  DUTCH BLITZ IS THE BEST - while in Houston my friends and I went to the Lakehouse where we didn’t have Wifi or TV … goodness, what’s a techno-savvy girl supposed to do?  Being unplugged can be refreshing (and equally hard) but I am super happy that I found my Dutch Blitz deck in my backpack.  Needless to say we spent many hours playing this card game.  

I’m going to become like my Winter Garden friends who carry the deck in their purse at all times.  I think that’s a good thing right :)

4  A GREAT LIFE LESSON ABOUT OWL CITY & PUPPY CHOW - I really like this post by my good friend Lee Ann.  I’ve mentioned her rad music mixes before, but she is also a talented designer and writer.  Also she has a great fashion sense (she always looks super cute!).  

5  I WANT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE - I think the holiday spirit is hitting me!  This movie looks super cute & it’s going to be in the same format as that Valentine’s movie (but some of them are playing different characters).  I think it’s interesting.  But there’s a lot of favs in there … 

5 Things Tuesday

Hello.  I’m in Houston right now.  It’s crazy humid here & it feels contradictory to be Thanksgiving week and 80 degrees outside.  But hey, at least I’m in great company!

I’m currently staying with some of my closest friends and will be gallivanting all around the city / seeing old ORU friendos while I’m here.  Excited.  In the meantime, here are a few things going on with me:

1  ON SATURDAY MY SISTER AND I SAW JO KOY AT THE MOORE THEATER - holy crap I think that was one of the FUNNIEST shows I’ve ever been to.  And, no, you don’t have to be Filipino to appreciate his comedy.  He is hilarious!  I literally almost peed my pants from laughing so hard.  Ridiculous.  

I cannot wait for his new Comedy Central special to come out.  Because all y’all will have to see it.  No lie.

2  SO LAST WEEK I ASKED MY FRIENDS A QUESTION ON FACEBOOK - and I got 33 comments.  Well, some of those comments are of me responding to people … but still.  it was nice to get suggestions.    

I’ve been looking for something new in life.  And I’m in a place that I can actually GO ANYWHERE so the possibilities are endless.  I’m hearing Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, NYC.  I’m leaning more on NYC honestly, but it depends a lot of job leads.  So if anyone knows of anything business meets creative that needs a project manager, let me know!  I’m super awesome.  

3  I’M SUPER PUMPED ABOUT GOING TO BHLDN WHILE HERE IN HOUSTON - it’s the Anthro/Urban Outfitters/Free People brand exclusively for weddings.  It’s going to be out of control.  I love pretty things.

I will most likely not buy anything.  It’s going to be an inspiration trip.  Fo realz.


5  “NEVER BEEN KISSEDIS ON NETFLIX - hilarious.  I used to own this movie (on VHS) and I could quote the crap out of it.  But it’s seriously been like 6 or 7 years since I’ve seen it.  And OMG I just watched it the other day while i was working on stuff, and I have not laughed like that in forever.  It’s just very classic, nostalgia for me.  High school daze …

I’ve always had a list in my back pocket of the top 90’s teen flicks.  Here is what I got so far:

  • Never Been Kissed
  • She’s All That
  • Can’t Hardly Wait
  • 10 Things I Hate About You

Do you think I’m missing anything?  What would classify as a great 90’s teen movie?

*  *  *

So yeah.  That’s pretty much it from here.  


Sweater Weather

This is the weather outside.

Which makes me appreciate the coffee I’m having inside.

Cheers to a productive afternoon!  Will be heading to the city tonight so I need to get stuff done today.  

Happy Wednesday all :)

5 Things Tuesday

Hi.  So what’s going on folks?  Not much here really … but yeah.  Don’t forget to leave some comments and let me know what’s going on with you!!  Thanks friends :)

1  TODAY IS PAYDAY - which is awesome.  I’ve been kind of on Dave Ramsey mode and not buying anything unless I have the cash.  Which means I haven’t been buying anything.  It’s all good.  Disciplined life.  But I’m excited to allocate some money in different places.  One of which is the 2nd payment of new camera equipment.  Awwww snap.  

Hopefully the creative juices start flowing with the new gear.  Now I just need some test models.  Who wants to do a photo session?!?!

2  BLOGSHOP IS COMING TO SEATTLE - one of my favorite bloggers/entrepreneurs is coming to the Seattle area to head up an event called Blogshop.  It looks like ton of fun, full of super cute goodies, and a great opportunity to learn something new.  Not to mention - network!  

The Blogshop team has been touring all over the country and also visiting parts of Europe.  Check out the newest post about their stop in Paris.  I need to start saving up money if I want to go … they only open up the class to about 20 people.  Seriously - look at how much fun they have:

3  THIS COLD WEATHER MAKES ME WANT TO KNIT … if only I knew how to knit.  But I do know how to crochet!  But I haven’t made anything lately.  I did find this yellow throw from Toast.  My thoughts: 

  • I can make this
  • it would take waaaaayyyyy too long
  • no wonder it costs $275
  • but I do think it’s pretty
  • maybe I’ll make a scarf

Anyways - I still have scarves in my Etsy Store.  Maybe I should do a giveaway or something!  I would enjoy that.  

4  SPEAKING OF ONLINE STORES - I’m really thinking of a new storefront.  Maybe something through Big Cartel and mostly just magnets/pendants.  Those are my favorite to make.  I spent part of my weekend prepping marbles.  It’s like one part of my creative process.  I’ve had a stockpile of magazines here just staring at me.  So I went to crafting.  And with the help of many podcasts to listen to, I came up with these (you guys get a sneak peek):

5  I’M GOING TO HOUSTON FOR THANKSGIVING - and I’m super pumped!  Thanksgiving hasn’t always been the best holiday for me, but this year I decided to do something special and spend it with some good friends.  And honestly, Houston is a trip long overdue.  

I get to see these faces:

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