5 Things Tuesday

Happy Tuesday. How are all y’all?

In my mind I had a running list of what this week’s 5TT post would have, but obviously when I got to writing it … brain fart. 

Give me a moment. I need to brainstorm what I’m talking about. 

1  URBAN DICTIONARY IS HILARIOUS - Have any of y’all ever looked up your name on Urban Dictionary? If you haven’t, you need to! It’s pretty much the best. I don’t know who comes up with the definitions, but it was quite the topic on conversation last Friday. 

Apparently Joanne’s seem innocent but also know how to have fun. We are also very beautiful, extremely smart, and get all the guys. *truth … obviously ;) 

Some other favorites are:

  • Andi - a very crazy girl who often has a lot of guy friends … has many strange mental issues but is overall an amazingly fun person to be around
  • Dave - a term used to refer to the coolest person in a group
  • Matt - ancient greek translation for “eternal sex-god”
  • Meghan - the name of a skanky slutty ho born to backwoods retard parents who cannot spell

Who comes up with these things?!

2  WEVE BEEN WATCHING A WHOLE LOT OF FNL LATELY - Both my roommates have decided to start Friday Night Lights and so we’re at the beginning. Part of me is super excited because the show is so good and I get to watch them discover its greatness as we go along. There has been much crying already.

The other part of me is just all heart, because I love the characters so much. They’re the best. Seriously. The best.

3  FINN LIKES TO KICK THINGS - One of the shows that I’ve still be committed to each week to watch is Glee (still a strong believer that the first season is the best). But Finn did something so great in this episode that just made me die. Well he does it a lot whenever he’s mad.


There was an episode way back when he first found out about Quinn & Puck. He straight up kicked a chair.

And in this episode he kicked a music stand and a mini-fridge. Seriously it’s SO FUNNY.

4  GOOGLE READER IS CALLING A QUITS?! So weird news. Apparently Google Reader is going to stop existing in a few months. Seriously, I’ve been using this service for the past few years to aggregate all my blogs. 

What am I supposed to do now? Bah. 

5  SO CBS SPORTS FEATURED THIS AMAZING PHOTO OF MY OLD BOSS HECKLING DWIGHT HOWARD - It’s pretty much amazing. The sheer fact that Dwight Howard is now an LA Laker … it makes it even more ironic/hilarious. Cameron is probably one of the biggest Magic fans ever, so I can only imagine what was said here. 

Oh the hilarity.

MONDAY MUSIC SHARE: Ivan And Alyosha: Tiny Desk Concert

Do you ever have those days where you get a Twitter email and you’re like “who is this random person following me ?” but then you realize that someone you really admire follows them … and so maybe you should look into them?

That’s what happened with Ivan and Alyosha. I was like “who is this? and why are The Lone Bellow and Benj Haisch both following them? obviously this has to be something to look into.”

Not only are they a Seattle based band, but NPR has dubbed them “a band with spiritual concerns and folky twists.” Yeah. You have my attention now.

“With so many fresh-faced, sweet-voiced folk-pop bands vying for real estate in the middle of the road, the keys to standing out lie in songwriting, craftsmanship and likability. Ivan & Alyosha’s members aren’t looking to invent a new form on All the Times We Had, but they sure do come close to perfecting the one they’ve got.” STEPHEN THOMPSON, NPR MUSIC

So of course, I have to share their Tiny Desk Concert. I haven’t been able to stop listening to it.

It’s just so great. Enjoy!

Veronica Mars Movie


$2.5 million raised within one day!  That’s just crazy.

In the spirit of this greatness, I’ve decided to restart the series. And it’s been so interesting watching it now when I know all the secrets behind the mysteries. It’s all there. 

And well, you gotta love the whole Veronica and Logan dynamic. And the ongoing joke about the ponies. And other hilarious quotes. 

And don’t forget the pre-stars! Only a few episodes in and we already have Iceman. Well technically it’s Iceman’s twin brother (Aaron Ashmore - Shawn Ashmore played Bobby Drake in Xmen).  And well Schmidt is in this series as a jr. cop and Dianna Agron makes an appearance in season 3.  And don’t forget Jonathan Taylor Thomas (aka JTT) and that guy from Mean Girls. 

It’s almost like watching Freaks & Geeks and seeing all these amazing now-stars in their beginnings. Oh that’s another great show that was cut too quickly. Are they going to make a Kickstarter for that too?

But anyways. Yes. Veronica Mars The Movie. BOOM.

5 Things Tuesday

PALEYFEST GALORE - OMG y’all. I officially love Paleyfest. It’s going to be a part of my life now, every March. Obviously I love TV. And being in the city where people eat, sleep, and breathe TV … yes. Sign me up!

This time around I was able to go to both The Mindy Project and New Girl’s Paley events. Both featured exclusive sneak previews of episodes that haven’t even aired yet and Q&A panels with the cast and creators. Lemme just say, the newest episode of New Girl (I believe they changed the title from “Quick Hardening Caulk” to “Guys Night” … ) is such a great episode. And the paneszl questions were great.

Jake Johnson did the awkward moonwalk for us. And he sang the show’s theme song. Ike Barinholtz showed us his newest ink for an upcoming episode and did some mad impressions of Chris Messina (“mushroom, mushroom, mushroom …”).

And well. We got a chance to meet the cast of The Mindy Project (they all stayed to sign autographs and took pictures with us) but there was no chance with the cast of New Girl. It was a PACKED HOUSE and they scampered off the stage right quick.

But overall - Paleyfest is a win.

2  JT HOSTED SNL THIS WEEKEND & IT WAS HILARIOUS - I don’t know what it is but SNL has been coming back strong lately. I’ve literally laughed out loud a lot these past few weeks, but this episode is just amazing. Justin Timberlake is SO FUNNY. And to think, it’s his 5th time hosting the show. The whole opening monologue was sheer perfection.

Not to mention the return of Andy Samberg + JT 90’s duo (do they have a name?) and the “bring it on down to [vegan]ville” sketch. Not to mention the classic Two Wild & Crazy Guys and the 3 amigos! What?!

Seriously. WHAT?!

Yes. Amazing episode..

WORK IN PROGRESS: REDECORATING TRES DUDES - In a non-television related event, we are currently in redecoration mode here at Tres Dudes. I have projects and visions in mind … it’s the getting things actually done and within budget that is a concern.

[BTW - We call our apartment Tres Dudes because when we moved in the 3 roommates were Joanne, Krissy, and Andrea but we all go by guy names - Jo, Kris, and Andi. Ergo, Tres Dudes. But now that Krissy moved out and Katie moved in, the name sticks. We just haven’t figured a name for Katie yet.].

Anyways. The entertainment area has been re-situated. And I have this massive hollow door that needs to be spray painted with chalk paint. And of course, artwork. We need artwork on the wall. I’m thinking something along the lines of this (photo taken a local J.Crew):.

JKL IS TO ME WHAT HARRIS IS TO AZIZ ANSARI - Have any of y’all ever watched Aziz Ansari’s stand up comedy? It’s hilarious (not exactly clean … but hilarious). Well, Aziz has this cousin named Harris that he loves to share stories about.

And well, I’ve become that person. I have this cousin who is 12 years old who just happens to have an Instagram account. And dude - he comes up with the FUNNIEST stuff. I’ve screenshotting away here.

I’m aware that’s not really a word, oh well.

Seriously though - check it:.

*To my family, I post this in absolute love. And believe me, if I were a standup comedian there would be a LOT of stories of each one of us. I poke fun because I love you.*

MY BEST FRIEND IS NOW A NEW MOM - You guys! One of my best friends just became a mom. Well, it’s a package deal. Billiam and Christina became parents! Introducing little Issabella. So so so precious.


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