5 Things Tuesday

Hello friends.  12 Days Til Christmas!!  Are you guys counting down … ?  

Boom - 5 things.

1  HELP PORTRAIT - This past weekend was Help Portrait and I totally forgot … I had jotted it down in my planner to hopefully join that movement this year.  But I’m a slacker and therefore I failed.  Next year, I will plan ahead and I will rock that biz.  It’s a simple but beautiful project.  And I totally remember when I first heard about but did nothing.  Because I’m lame sauce.  But next year … I’ll help!  

Find someone in need.  Take their portrait.  Print their portrait.  Deliver it to them.  Winning.

2  BALLET RECITAL - This is taken from this past weekend at my little cousin’s ballet recital.  She was so frickin’ cute … and my little cousin Jonah was all hip-hop talented.  Must be the Asian in him :)

3  I HAVE A NEW STOREFRONT - I spent a lot of this weekend moving stuff over to Big Cartel.  Check it out yo!  And buy some magnets … they make for great stocking stuffers :)

I’m just happy to finally do it.  Been meaning to make everything one cohesive brand of sorts.  Everything is handmade and one of a kind!  

4  APPARENTLY TIM TEBOW IS THE BOMB RIGHT NOW - and I should probably be watching … but I haven’t.  I love football and it’s true I used to live in Florida.  But all this hubbub about Tim Tebow & his faith & how he plays ball, all of it is equally awesome and whatev.  

I did work for PRPL for a hot second and help setup the Tim Tebow Foundation site/social networks.  And all I heard was that Timmy was the nicest guy ever.  That’s always good to hear … that all this is genuine.  And that he’s a hardcore QB.  Rock on.



I’m hoping for a productive end to the work week … emails sent out, drafts proofed and uploaded, product pictures taken, etc etc.  

Because this weekend is going to be busy.  A movie, a dance recital, seeing a new baby cousin, a family photo shoot, church.  Busyness!

All not work related.  Well except the photo shoots - that’s sort of work related.  My work-related :)

Anyways - above is a snapshot of the career life of Jenna Lyons.  Creative brains behind J.Crew.  I’m shooting for something like that in the future … creative meets business slash inspiration board galore.  

J.Crew has always been a favorite.  It’s kind of neat to see the behind-the-scenes.

Ok bye.


A couple years ago I worked at RELEVANT Magazine where I worked with the most awesome people ever.  It’s an anomaly of sorts, but I’m thankful for it.  (No, seriously.  Best people ever).

Anyways, November rolled around and the office started a No Shave November campaign.  Here are the before pictures.  I love it because there’s so many great memories with these guys.  From left to right:

  • Jesse being both incredibly awkward and awesome at the same time (maybe just awkward when around Tim).  He’s one of the best designers I know.  
  • Tim and his ridiculousness.  The loud music.  His loudness period.  One of my favorite moments of Tim is when he wore that ONESIE!  SO HILARIOUS.
  • Justin is one of the most talented illustrators I know … but he is so weird/funny at the same time!  He tried so hard to grow a beard - haha!
  • Ryan Hamm. If you don’t already listen to the podcast, you need to.  Because Ryan is hilarious.  There’s so many great random moments from Ryan, but one of my favorites is when he came back from Lala and wore this SoCal sweatband around the office and ran in place.  
  • Chad Michael - Chad definitely won the coolest beard award.  He had flecks of silver in there.  And he also has the raddest taste in music.  That’s probably one of the best parts of working at RM … musical influences.

Anyways.  I found these pictures in a random folder today and decided to write this up!  

I wish we had a group pic of the Finer Things Ladies (the girls at RELEVANT).  Maybe I do, I’ll just have to find it in my hard drive.  

5 Things Tuesday

It’s December!  And here are 5 things going on in my life right now …

1  PINNED ON A PHOTO INSPIRATION BOARD - I spent the other night creating a separate board on my Pinterest for photo inspiration.  It really got my right brain thinking about all sorts of fun things to do for photo shoots.  Plus, it’s a great resource to give to clients for ideas.

I’ve mainly done weddings but I think I want to venture out into family or couples photography.  Fo realz.

2  I GAVE MY SITE A FACELIFT - let me know what you think.  It’s a little bit more streamlined and mature.  And I’m hoping to consolidate it with my store and photography sites that way they all look the same & hopefully all link together under the same URL.  It’s definitely a work in progress but I’m liking what I’m seeing.  

Can any of you help me out with the capital “A” in the “Ask me anything” above and the bullets?  I can’t seem to fix those two things in the coding.  

3  BESTIE DAY - it is the second annual (ZooeyD-created) BESTIE DAY!  And I only found out about it last week so I haven’t had the chance to send them a treat or find a picture of a baby panda.  But I’m so not on board with that American Girl store - they’re creepy.

Anyways.  Here is a pic of me & my besties.  Chris & Leggars.  Expect something great in the mail!

4  IT’S ADVENT - it’s officially December and there’s newly chocolate-filled Advent Calendar sitting on the kitchen counter.  I filled it out late, but at least now there’s 5 days worth of candy goodness!

Besides the chocolates, I’m trying to be more mindful about observing Advent.  Again, I’m about a week late on that too.  But I’d like to bring the whole reason for Christmas into the actual holiday celebration … I guess I have to do some planning.  Making some traditions right here.

5  SPEAKING OF CHRISTMAS, I’M BRAINSTORMING COOKIES FOR PACKAGES - a couple years ago I had a few text messages from people who wanted cookies so I sent it to them as my version of Christmas Cards.  And I sent a few extra to other close friends.  7 packages filled with homemade cookie treats.  

And well, I want to do that again this year.  I’m including Snowflake Pizzelles, Snowball cookies (no nuts for the Ellis’ package), and I still need a third one for good measure.  I’m thinking this gingerbread man might be a good option :)

Who else wants a cookie box?  Leave a comment below … I can probably pull something off.

Must stay creative.

These days I don’t have an inspiration board.  But I do have Pinterest and a file folder filled with magazine cutouts.  That’s a start eh?  

Well, more like an interim solution for now.

Anyways - here’s a list of 33 things to stay creative.  These are my thoughts:

  • 1:  I like to write lists.  A lot.  Like obsessively sometimes.  
  • 2:  Moleskine notebooks?  Best.
  • 3:  does free typing count as free writing?  Because I do that from time to time
  • 9:  coffee is essential
  • 13:  trying
  • 15:  trying … and open to
  • 25:  coffee, bookstores, podcasts, movies …
  • 27:  what?  
  • 33:  always a work in progress
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