5 Things Tuesday

Hello friends! I’m stopping in the middle of my CRAZY workday to deliver you some 5 Things Tuesday goodness in a somewhat timely fashion. I know you’re all proud of me :)

Anyways - today is a special 5TT because we’re actually celebrating one full year of weekly Jo Updates! Apparently I started this series on May 4th of last year, kicking it off with bikes, a movie trailer, bows, running 100 miles, and Ray Bans.  

But enough of that, here’s what’s happening now:

1  BUSY WEEKENDS WITH LUCI - My friend Luci came from Nashville this weekend to attend the Indie Music Awards. Not only did she win both awards she was nominated for, she also wore this killer hot dress that she designed and made herself. Say what?!  Yeah. She’s mad talented.

We got all dolled up, walked on a six foot red carpet, took pictures and then hung out with the coolest people ever. I like meeting new people - it was interesting meeting people in Luci’s music circle.  It’s totally not something I’m familiar with, but I love seeing things going well for my friends.

2  NEW ROOMMATES - After a month of being a nomad, I’m officially moved in with the new roommates and back in the LA area. It’s nice to unpack all my goods and let them all have their place. Feels more like home. And I’m rooming with two awesome girls from my community group. I’m really excited to be in good company!

3  I’VE BEEN FLYING THROUGH HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER - And I love that show. Just started season 7 and it makes my heart happy. That’s all. Thank you Netflix for letting me catch up on such a great show and thank you writers for doing something hilarious and heartwarming in a new and creative way.

I was trying to find a good clip of Marshall trying to leap off the roof b/c I think that’s hilarious, but I can’t find one. But I think that’s my favorite scene.

4  STARBUCKS HAPPY HOUR IS THIS WEEK - Go get yourself some half priced coffee goods between the lovely hours of 3-5 PM!

5  GIVEAWAYS - I’ve thought about doing giveaways since I’m celebrating one year of 5TT. Right now it’s just ideas floating in my head, but I’m thinking maybe some really awesome Urban Rain Magnet Sets and/or a Cookie Package in the mail … something along those lines.  

I’ll probably have more details later on that, but yes. We’ll have some fun with this.  

5 Things Tuesday

Hello friends. Hope you’re all doing well. I was sick for a couple days but I’m feeling better now.  

I think I was running on empty and my body just gave out. But after sleeping for like two days straight … all is good. Anyways, for my 5 Things Tuesday this week I’m basically just going to recap my Catalyst experience - which is good because I actually need to sit down and debrief the event. So much information at once. Reflecting will be good.

1  ATF FOR ADULTS - I’ve gone to and participated in so many Acquire the Fire events that conventions like Catalyst is something of a norm to me. Like, duh, it’s a conference. Speakers, worship, funny skits, great Emcees. Etc etc. But honestly, I haven’t gone to anything like that in ages - and I think I really needed this. Well, I did go to The Awakening Conference last August and I called it ATF for Adults back then too.  

But the nice thing about Catalyst is that it’s a Christian Leadership conference. And I love learning. I love listening. I love collaborating with other people who love God. And so this was probably one of the BEST things I ever could go to. I pretty much just soaked in every moment. The classes, the sessions, the meal time in between. I’m so glad I got to go.

2  FAVORITE SPEAKERS - Some of my favorite speakers were there. And there were new people there that totally rocked me with the words they spoke. If you ask me who my favorite speaker was, I’d say “Jon Acuff … oh wait, Don Miller was awesome too … but David Platt was amazing! and well … Bob Goff was hilarious” 

And well, there was just too many good moments that you can’t really pinpoint your favorite. It was just awesome to be around all these thought leaders and worship leaders and creative leaders in one place.  

3  MEETING PEOPLE - I actually had the chance to meet people at Catalyst. And that was probably a huge highlight of the event. I got to meet Jeremy Cowart (who is one of my favorite photographers) and for bonus Caitlin Crosby was there too (she is a rad musician who also founded The Giving Keys). I also met Promise Tangeman (who is an incredible graphic designer and blogger).  

There were also people I saw who I know via Instagram and Twitter/blogs that I felt awkward to be like “hey, I know you. I just want to shake your hand” - but still was awesome to be like I know that person and that person and that person.  

I did shamelessly eavesdrop on a conversation next to me with Jon Acuff and Baker Books. It was cool to be like “oh that’s how publishing magic is made.”  Honestly, their conversation didn’t seem so far-fetched to me since I came from the RELEVANT world.  

4  BEING PRESENT - The entire event had a message: “BE PRESENT” - I can’t capture everything I learned about being present in one sentence, because the idea behind it is so important. It’s about being present in the moment, living in the now, embracing those around me and engaging in life around me. Not to be dwelling on the past, or worrying about the future. But it’s also not about documenting all of life for social media when the most important audience is right there with you.  

I definitely was challenged to turn off my phone (or actually put it in airplane mode) to just cut myself off from the constant Twitter/Facebook/Instagram activity I was used to.   

Honestly, I felt encouraged and kind of free from that constant updating. It’s kind of like when I fasted blogs during Lent. Just un-cluttering the clutter for now. Being in the now. That’s what’s important.

5  TAKE-AWAY - There was so much that I got to take away. Besides the amazing messages spoken and the chance to meet people, I got some resources that will equip me. I’m really excited to read “Quitter” by Jon Acuff (as soon as I finish Hunger Games). I also got to watch a free screening on “Blue Like Jazz” (there are a few scenes that I seriously laughed out loud - like that one scene where he’s attacking the PT Cruiser with his armor. So funny!).

I actually walked away with tons of books and notes about things I want to follow up on and learn more about. Donald Miller talked about a new book that he’s working on, so I’m excited about that. And Andy Stanley was also an amazing speaker - I’d like to read more about what he has to say.  

I also got to see Gungor, All Sons & Daughters, and Josh Garrells live - all AMAZING. Like seriously, AMAZING. Also, Tripp & Tyler were hilarious. Seriously hilarious.

All in all - Catalyst was a GREAT EVENT. And I definitely would love to go again.

5 Things Tuesday

I still have a couple hours to make it on Tuesday!  West coast time baby!

I’m sorry for all of you who were waiting for a lovely 5 Things Tuesday post earlier today. I know how sad you were when you didn’t get regular dose of my life.  So here goes it:

1  GLEE IS BACK - First things first, friends.  Tonight Glee is back.  And I’m excited.  A few reasons being:

  • Matt Bomer is guest starring as Blaine’s older brother.  A quick nod to NBC’s Chuck - Bryce Larkin.  
  • The fact that they’re covering Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know” - frickin awesome.
  • We’re going to find out what happened to Quinn.
  • And according to Twitter … it’s a GOOD episode.  There is crying to be had.

2  BLUE LIKE JAZZ - Looks like the indie flick is finally going to hit theaters soon.  And I’ve heard some really good stuff about the movie from a lot of people.  Although the movie has had it’s precedence for awhile now.  For those of you who don’t know, Blue Like Jazz was a best seller written by Don Miller about 10 years ago.  It’s an amazing book, but more of a collection of essays.  So about 6 years ago they decided to make it into a movie, but since it’s not written with any character in mind they had to do some rewriting so that it could fit a screenplay.  

This whole process became one of my favorite books ever - A Million Miles.  I actually like this book better than Blue Like Jazz, but both are good.  Anyways, the final project, “Blue Like Jazz” the movie has done an initial preview tour but is finally hitting theaters soon.  And I’m excited.  

Go watch it!

3  FACEBOOK BOUGHT INSTAGRAM - Have you guys heard yet?  Facebook bought Instagram for a whopping $1 BILLION.  That is outta control.  

iPhone’s best app for 2011 has sold for A BILLION DOLLARS.  That figure has been crazy to even comprehend.  My friends and I have been discussing it today and we really hope they don’t change it too much.  We love how simple and minimal Instagram is, but we know that Facebook will want to monetize it somehow. Brace yourself for ads. It’s coming.

4 TIME IN SAN DIEGO - I’ve been spending the week with my cousin in San Diego.  We’re walking distance from the beach and it’s been so nice to just enjoy the company of her little family.  I remember hanging out with her when we were little kids laughing all the time over “squished fish in a dish” … now we’re adults. And she has kids.  Man did time sneak up on us.

5  VISITS WITH FRIENDS - While in San Diego, a visit to see Ricky & Tiff with a bonus of Courtney was a given!  And I’m so glad that we did hang out.  Not only did I finally get to meet baby Amos, but I got to catch up with friends and enjoy their great company.  We walked to a nearby park, enjoyed the sun, had a picnic, and watched the Voice. 

I’m so glad to have the opportunity to connect with friends!  Seriously, people enrich lives.  It’s so great.

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