Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Have a great holiday with friends and family.  

Enjoy classic movies, hot chocolate, an array of cookies, and presents under the tree.

If you can, go to a Christmas Eve service.  

It’s good to encompass all parts that is Christmas.  Jesus.  God.  Family.  Giving.  Wonderment.  Traditions.  All in all, it’s a good holiday.  Embrace it.

Oh and take pictures.  That’s key :)

5 Things Tuesday

1  I GOT NEW BOOTS - I’ve been wanting a pair of tall brown boots for a long time now and after researching for awhile and I’ve finally landed on a pair that I love.  Steve Madden’s … with red zipper detail.  Hot.  

2  HARD CORE BAKING - So I baked all day Friday.  I made a crap load of pizelles, snowball cookies, and chocolate chip cookies.  Packaged them in boxes.  And then mailed them out.  

For those of you who got them:  Enjoy!  I poured a whole lot of love up in that. Hopefully next year I’ll get more than 6 packages out.  That’s the plan.

3  THE HOBBIT:  RETURN TO MIDDLE EARTH - if you’re a fan of the the LOTR trilogy you’ll be pumped about this.  The precursor “Return to Middle-earth” trailer will debut today.  Keep a lookout for it!  I’m kind of excited :)

Bilbo Baggins will be played by Martin Freeman.  He’s a favorite.  You would probably recognize him from The Office (UK), Love Actually, Hot Fuzz, and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 

4  CHRISTMAS IN THE NORTHWEST - My sister and I have been listening to the Christmas music station to try to get into the holiday spirit.  But the only song we’re like REALLY pumped about hearing, just out of irony and PNW sense of pride  … is “Christmas in the Northwest.”  It’s kind of like having an ugly Christmas sweater - it’s so ironic and tacky that it’s cool.  Yeah. 

It hasn’t come up.  But “Christmas shoes” has quite a few times.  Oh the joys of prank calling!  **you know who you are**

Anyways, in the meantime I made a special video series dedicated to the holidays.  Make sure to check it out!  There’s so many hilarious/awesome Christmas videos out there.  Just classic covers of traditional carols or funny videos from Youtubers.  

5  JIMMY FALLON ON SNL WAS AWESOME - So did you guys get a chance to catch the recent episode of SNL?  Um, yeah it was pretty much EPIC.  Jimmy Fallon hosted with a bit of Michael Buble. There were tons of surprise guests and a lot of throw backs to some classics from Jimmy’s cast.  

So many great sketches this time around.  Absolutely loved it.  Although I loved the fact they did a WEEKEND UPDATE joke off with all four news anchors  Best.

A RELEVANT Christmas Vid

This video is a little bit close to my heart … mainly because a lot of my friends are featured in this video.  It’s the RELEVANT Christmas music video where Chad Pendelton did a cover of the Mariah Carey classic.  I’m not going to lie - he actually does a GREAT job.

Maya did the choreography (the the blonde in the front with the great facial expressions).  Foxy Roxy is sportin the hottest sweater ever (front left).  Tim is dancing on the stage in the back - I love that he does an awesome chair spin and dances with a tiny tree. 

More friends are in there.  Killer T, Ashley*, Hemarie.  I miss them all. 

More videos to come!

MONDAY MUSIC SHARE (CHRISTMAS VERSION): Dog is Dead - ‘Christmas Wrapping’ (The Waitresses Cover)

I’ve decided to kick-start this week with my regular Monday Music Share but to also combine it with a Christmas video series.  The first of this series is from one of my favorite bands, Dog is Dead.  I’ve been a fan ever since the Glokenspiel Song anthem in the 5th season finale of Skins. 

Anyways - here’s a live cover of The Waitresses retro hit.  Merry Christmas!  Happy holidays!

STYLE ICON / Rachel Bilson

More Rachel Bilson … love this shoot.  

Love this dress.

Random, I know.  But yeah.

I guess this shoot was for Magazine C.

I’ve always loved magazine editorial shoots.  

And fashion photography.  Like J.Crew and Madewell catalogs.

Always studying.  Always learning.  

Yep.  What keeps you inspired?

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