5 Things Tuesday

Hi y’all. How’s your Tuesday going? Mine only has a few more hours but so far it’s been good. Actually it’s been a good week overall. Here are some reasons why:

NEW MADEWELL STORE IN SANTA MONICA - To my pleasant surprise, I stumbled upon the store opening of the newest Madewell store that happens to be in Santa Monica. I decided to browse through the lovely displays of clothing that I cannot buy right now and decided to go with with a lovely pair of blue earrings. A tiny gift for myself. Just because.

Plus I got a free tote. Boom.

Thank you Madewell :)

GOT TO SEE THE DUPLECHINS BEFORE THEY HEADED OFF TO PNG - How crazy is it to have a tiny two-hour window for some Armor/Imago people to meet up in LAX?!

  • What in the world am I doing in LA?
  • And Ryan Lampe lives here too?..*still can’t get over these first two points*..
  • And the Duplechins are going to Papua New Guinea via LAX?!

Yes. We got to see them and meet their two beautiful little blonde girls! They might just have the bluest eyes ever. And to see Kevin! I have not seen that kid in over five years. He used to talk in mathematical equations in a southern drawl and IM weird things like “The pope: is he sexier than Kevin?” … oh and Strawberry Swirl!!  Best song ever.

And now the entire Duplechin clan is going to PNG to live in a jungle to translate a Bible. So crazy. But amazing!

So thankful for tiny two-hour windows and flexible schedules.

3  I GOT RECOGNIZED - So this was a first for me. On the way to LAX to see the Doops, Ryan and I stopped by In-N-Out to grab some burgers for our friends. And we ran into our friend Eden who just happened to pick up some people.

So I picked up our food and return to the table, they were laughing because the girls actually recognized me from this video. It was hilarious! So we laughed about that for awhile. It was awesome..

THE ANIMAL PRINT SHOP - You guys! I’m totally obsessed right now with the Sharon Montrose’ work with these animal portraits. You probably think I’m crazy but whatever.

I’ve totally heard of this series before but I don’t know, recently I’ve wanted to do more with my Chinese “heritage” … (I’m as Chinese as the rest of my family!). Anyways. I’m a Rooster. My sister and cousin Gracie are Sheep. Both my Popo (grandma) and my brother are Rabbits. My dad’s a Tiger. Etc etc.

I’ve wanted to play off these signs for awhile now and now I think I found what I want! I want these prints. Obviously, it won’t work for my uncle and middle brother (Rat) or my aunt and cousin Jonah (Dragon). But the rest of us - yes.

THE LONE BELLOW - This night. Just magical. Great friends. Good food. Absolutely amazing music. Need I say more?

Go buy the album. It will blow your mind.

5 Things Tuesday

Yo! It’s Tuesday folks and I should be working but instead I’m going to pump this out and then maybe, just maybe I’ll do something productive later. 

I guess we’ll see. Anyways. Here are 5 Things going on right now:

1  SO THE SEAHAWKS LOST ON SUNDAY - And that makes me sad. I can’t imagine how incredibly stressful that last quarter was for my entire city. Seriously, it was like an emotional roller coaster ride. From 0-20 at halftime to last two minutes of the game being nearly tied. Just chaotic. 

Then losing at that last moment. Stupid.

Oh well. Cheers to a great season! And we’ll get back to it next year :)

2  BACK TO THE DAILY GRIND - So vacation is officially over and I’m 100% working for myself nowadays. So I’ve been getting down in the nitty gritty to make sure 2013 is a better strategized business year for me. 

Don’t get me wrong, 2012 was awesome! A lot of new opportunities came my way but really it was all curve balls. This time around I want to be ready. Have my pricing set, my branding packets prepped, and have a broad portfolio that covers a multitude of work - but it all be good work. I’ve definitely gotten better over time. Practice sure helps!

But yes. Marketing strategies in the works. Got a Groupon deal rolling. Emailed a few craft and bridal expos. And I’m in talks with the USC Alumni Association to donate in their silent auction. Ima do this right. Boom.

3  MY ROOMMATE IS GETTING MARRIED IN 3 WEEKS - It’s so crazy how soon it snuck up on us but I’m excited for them!

Which also means I have 3 weeks to get a photo booth set up. Should be easy enough. But I’m excited about fun props and stuff. And just the plethora of hilarious photos that will soon come from all my amazing friends and the other wedding guests. Yay!

4  I’M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT SKINS REDUX - Say what?! YES. They’re doing a full final season of Skins. The original version. And it’s a unique angle at the project. 2 episodes per generation to see how they’re all doing.

I’m so excited. I’ll be rewatching the series to prep for it before it airs later this spring. I may or may not just pick and choose my fav episodes. Thank God for Netflix.

5  AWKWARD WON PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD - Did y’all watch the Golden Globes? Dude I don’t know what Jodi Foster was talking about. But I did notice that MTV’s “Awkward” won a People’s Choice Award. Dude. Well deserved. That show is hilarious. I might have to rewatch that one too. Go Team Jake!

I watch way too much TV.

5 Things Tuesday

Hello friends. Today’s 5 Things Tuesday comes from the world of Instagram. Because that’s where some of my news comes from. So here goes it:

1  JOHN MULANEY SIGNED A 3 MOVIE DEAL - So if you haven’t figured yet, I’m a huge fan of John Mulaney. He is hilarious. Probably one of my favorite comedians. His storytelling is amazing and his cadence when he talks is the best. If you haven’t checked out his albums (The Top Part and New In Town), you should.  

Anyways. I follow him on Instagram and I found this - IT’S EXCITING STUFF!!

2  JON ACUFF HAS A NEW BOOK - Last April I had the opportunity to go to Catalyst and hear Jon Acuff speak (along with a bunch of other amazing people). He was so great that I bought his book “Quitter” right then. It’s so good. If you haven’t read it yet, you should.

But I saw this today - his new book “START” is coming out in April. I can’t wait. Ima punch fear in the face and do work that matters!

3  MILO VENTIMIGLIA IS AN INCREDIBLE PHOTOGRAPHER - Not only is Milo Ventimiglia incredibly handsome and a fierce actor, he is an amazing photographer. Seriously, check out his work on Instagram.

It blows me away. If you aren’t following him yet, you should. Because it def keeps me inspired. Might do the same for you.

4  SCOTCH & SODA IS CARRIED IN NORDSTROM - Earlier this week I went shopping with my sister and we went to one of our favorite spots. And even though Nordstrom Rack fits my budget a bit more, it’s nice to walk through the actual store and peruse the different departments.

And while up there in the more expensive sections I found a few items from Scotch & Soda! Seriously, I have loved their clothes/commercial photography for awhile now but was bummed that they were only in Europe. Now they’re stateside! Whoopee!

5  SEAHAWKS PLAY ON SUNDAY MORNING - Being home for 2 playoff games was amazing. The whole city was buzzing with excitement. And now that I’m in LA, I still want to watch the game on Sunday morning. Which causes a conundrum for church-goers like me. I’ll figure something out …

But for some churches, they’re MOVING THINGS AROUND. So crazy. Churches are seriously switching schedules around just for the game. I’m OK with that! 

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