2011: A Debriefing

So I’m sitting … reflecting …

How was 2011?  Better than 2010.  That year sucked.  I mean, this year isn’t super mega awesome, but it was better.  I did some traveling.  I did some rethinking.  I got a job.  Sort of.  I work from home which is nice.  But I’m still wondering “what’s next?”  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying and embracing the NOW.  

But I’m still looking forward to the new, the next … something.  New season?  Probably.

I’m ready for it though.  Excited about the new.

Let’s take a look at the year, shall we?

* * *


Went to Texas in March (what is with my face??)

Went to Florida to shoot a wedding in May (I LOVE these sunset pics)

Went to Chicago for the Awakening Conference in August (we BEAN at NOON!)

Went to NYC for my birthday with my sister (and got to see Beth!)

and went to Houston for Thanksgiving (christina & billiam!)

* * *


Kicked it off with some mad Gyoza (delish!)

Celebrated birthdays (so many birthdays but fun times!)

Got a puppy (well my sister did … Ellie used to be SO small)

Went to dance recitals (and I may have laughed through some performances … some people should NOT dance.  but my cousins were great!)

* * *


Saw Wicked (soooo good)

Went to a few comedy shows:  Jo Koy, John Mulaney, Aziz Ansari … much hilarity!

Went to ISA … so much Asian-ness!  

Edible Christmas Cards (aka Christmas Cookie Packages … I may have eaten tons of pizelles in the process)

* * *

Well that’s pretty much it.  I didn’t even realize how much traveling I did … but yeah.  I went to all those places!  I need to plan out 2012 travels.  Any suggestions??

All in all, 2011 was a good year.  No complaints.  I’m living a blessed life.  

Cheers to a great new year!!

5 Things Tuesday

DEAR FUTURE SELF - So Christmas morning came and I had an email sitting in my inbox … from me.  From a year ago.  I had totally forgotten that I wrote a letter to myself using a program called futureme.org.

It was kind of nice.  I greeted myself a merry Christmas!  Then proceeded to ask if I was married yet. Haha … dangit.  Here’s more bits and pieces:

I pray that this year was full of diamonds for you.  From work, finding joy in what you do, in the relationships you have with so many people, in the community around you, becoming a legit giver … a heart of gold.

I hope you’re more in love with the Lord every day of your life.  That you’re thankful of how gracious He is in your life and that you never stop reflecting that in your life to others.

Over everything else - I hope you’re happy.  That you’re HAPPY.

Look at that!  It’s nice that I can encourage myself like that :)

I’ve already submitted a new email to my future self for next Christmas, you probably should too!  

2  TOMS - I bought my sister a pair of red TOMS for Christmas and now I want a pair.  Will you please buy me one?  Please and thank you.  While you’re at it, you can add a pair of Hunter boots too. Awesome.

Don’t forget … TOMS ballet flats will debut soon!

3  SUCCESSFULLY WATCHED ALL 5 CHRISTMAS MOVIES - with a bonus of RENT.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it!  But I was able to plug in all the movies before Christmas ended. 3 of those movies had just appeared on TV on its own (which btw I think is the best way to watch movies sometimes … like a pleasant surprise that sucks you in!)

The only new takeaway I’m getting is that I don’t like Betty Draper on my Love Actually viewing.  I just don’t like Betty Draper.

4  BACK TO MY SKINS MARATHONAND MAYBE ONE TREE HILL TOO - Now that I’m done with my holiday movies and back to normal TV again, I’m back to my Netflix marathons.  The sixth series of Skins is going to debut soon, so I decided to watch it all again for the nth time.  And get this, Netflix is streaming all 5 series.  No more Youtube cheating for me!  Although they switched some of the original soundtracks - which I feel take away from some of the scenes.  But yes, just started the fifth series.  Grace is my favorite from this generation, she’s so darling.  

Oh, and One Tree Hill is going to premiere its FINAL season soon.  And I’m thinking a full on out marathon of OTH also.  Dude - that show makes me cry like no one’s business.  But it’s SO GOOD.

5  TIME TO REFLECT - It’s almost New Years and before the festivities start and before I start mapping out any resolutions, I usually have a day or so to reflect on the year.  A debriefing of sorts. 

Time to weigh the good, the bad, and everything in the middle.  Reflect on lessons learned and the things that I’ve discovered along the way.  I’ll probably end up writing it here, just because this is my new blogging platform.  It helps to look back and really soak all that in.  I find it to be a great writing exercise.

Plus, I think I’ll include pictures.  Last year I did pictures and not so much writing.  But I think I’ll do both.  Just for good measure.  

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